Mr. Sun is all set to show his best, sunny days are here & it’s time to do something more for your face than just carrying a handkerchief.

As the chance of having face problems increases up to 50% more in summer, so its essential to have some precautions.

So, in this article we will deal with 4 bullet points to beat all sort of skincare problems not only in summers but in other seasons too.




#1. Exfoliation is must


If you don’t want those pimples popping out on your face everywhere, then do exfoliation on a regular basis!

The main cause of acne & pimples is the dirt & oil that gets deposited in small pores of our face.

And guess what exfoliation removes all those to give you a fresh, clean & pimple-free face. It’s a must in summers as in this period the sweat is max, so the chances of acne & pimples are at its peak.

So, choose a great exfoliater that can work out for you or you can also go for some natural ones. You can exfoliate your face once a week or 2-3 times a week.



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#2. Apply  oil-free sunscreen or else sunscreen gel


Since the weather is hot, applying an oily sunscreen can be a burden to have! Also if you already have an oily skin, chances of pimples & blackheads increase.

It also feels unhygienic & can make you uncomfortable in front of peoples. So, go for a light yet high SPF sunscreen lotion. As Mr. Sun is at his best, going out in this hot weather without a good sunscreen can be harmful for your skin. That’s why take care of it.

You can also go for sunscreen gel as they too are really effective in protecting your skin. Or the best is to avoid planning outdoors in day hours! In that case you don’t have to worry about all this!



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#3. Give yourself that Vitamin C boost which is found in citrus fruit


It is the best thing you can do to keep your skin glowing throughout the summers. Citrus family has special anti-oxidants which helps cleaning your skin. It’s beneficial internally as well as externally!

They internally helps strengthen your immune system, cleanse your stomach, and is considered a blood purifier. And externally can be used to bring out a natural glow on the face, also can remove tan overnight.

Among all the member of citrus family, lemon is the most preferred one! It has bleaching properties, but unlike other chemical bleach, this don’t harm your skin. Also, it kills all the bacteria present on skin to give you that great skin.

Search on google for the best way to make skin more glowing, lemon juice will be the first priority. That’s the value lemon holds!

One precaution, don’t overdo it! Don’t use lemon juice regularly on face, as nothing in excess can be good. So, use it once or twice a week.

Vitamin C has a great role in our body during summers so don’t be cheap in providing your body that in enough quantity. Lemon drinks & other juices are not there just for taste, they are essential for body. To know in detail the benefits of Vitamin C, below is a complete article,



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#4. Don’t forget to cleanse


Look, exfoliation a week is necessary but since everyday you face those dusty highways & pollution, your face definitely deserves a cleanse! It refreshes the skin, removes sweat & oil & makes it glowing again.

Set a fixed routine for it, such as you can cleanse your face at day in morning & night before sleep. Stick to it as your body is really smart! If you keep cleansing your face every hour, your body will feel like the skin is going too dry & it will start produce more oil.

Due to this reason many people face those ultra oily skin. Whereas, keeping it on a schedule helps your body recognize that it’s not too dry. So, you have a less oily skin.

Now, get yourself a good cleanser today & flush that soap as it’s really bad for your face!




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Summers can be a fun time for you but for your skin it can be harsh. So, use these 4 points to keep your skin protected from any harm & enjoy your summers to the fullest!!


“Summer Time Is Always The Best What Might Be”


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