Are you willing to propose your loved one? Proposal happens once in your lifetime, so make it worth and perfect. 

Why not make it a moment for that he/she could never get out of their mind. A proposal is the most special event in the life of a girl and boy, so it should be more than special, it should be personal, unique and close to your heart.

Let’s look at probabilities. Well, it’s most of the time a guy that have to take the charge because it rarely occur that a girl proposes a guy.

So, if you are a guy & you think going down on one knee with the roses in one hand and the ring in the other. That not gonna work! You have to be a little more clever if you want to do it right.

That goes the same with girls, however there’s nearly no chance that a guy rejects a girl’s proposal but i think you don’t wanna take a chance so choose something rare that makes him feel special.

Here are some of the unique yet romantic ways to declare your love to the person who holds a special place in your life!




#1. Take your love to a romantic getaway for destination proposal

With a quiet & sceneric surroundings, you can make the perfect escape from the city!

You can choose proposing to the love of your life in the middle of wildlife and lush green forests  or a charming restaurant with awesome views, where you can follow up the dinner with a romantic proposal. 




#2. Invite  your friends & family for a house party & propose him/her at home

Gather your friends & family, plan a surprise for him/her. Develop message boards for each friend conveying your feelings.

Or make it a bit mysterious by hinting him/her writing your proposal on your driveway, your back garden, or on a public sidewalk or pathway. You can organize your friends and family to show up for a surprise celebration once she’s agreed to marry you.


#3. Arrange a treasure hunt & let your loved one solve the clues to make a big moment

Hunts are always an entertaining marriage proposal idea. If you want to make this a thrill than this one can be a perfect plan. Play it like a game, divide the hunt in small parts.

Start with a simple clue, then make it a bit complicated as the hunt progresses. For the final location, choose a place which is closely related to both of you, and then pop out with your proposal whether written, recorded or the classic on knees.


Plan and prepare everything perfectly & you can definitely end up your proposal as the best and the most romantic date with your loved one. Following any of this 3 tips I am sure  loved one of your dreams will say a sure yes. 

One more thing practice well the sentence which you’re going to say in a romantic way.

“You Know What’s Really Scary Is? NEVER TRYING”

With that you are good to go my friend, just be confident & Have faith on your loved one.

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