No matter what vision problem you are dealing with, all are curable! No i am not talking about going for a surgery, but through natural ways. Sure the process maybe slow but will leave no harm to you like a surgery will.

Okay, so here is a article containing a sure way to regain your eyesight back to normal! Give it a try before thinking of going for a surgery. Who knows, maybe you can end up curing your eyesight yourself free of cost!






#1. Avoid your glasses



Yes, you heard me right! Take those glasses off as much as you can. If doing some eye-straining work, keep your glasses on but when not, try to put them off. You might ask, ‘how can it make any difference?’.

Let me explain, just like if your leg get fractured, you will do regular practice to walk so that it will help regain your leg strength to make you walk again.

Similarly when you leave your eyes without glasses or lens & try to see objects, your eyes have to put efforts which is beneficial. It will help your eye regain it’s strength to see again!




#2. Eat Vitamin-A rich diet


Okay, it’s obvious & you may have tried it many times but it don’t seem to give any changes. But just imagine how it can bring about any change until you do something that can utilize the diet’s benefit.

It’s like dreaming of building toned muscular body by just eating the right diet. Exercising is essential in order to attain that muscular body, diet will just help you avoid fat!

Similarly, combining a Vitamin-A diet with some exercises is essential to utilize that Vitamin-A benefits. In the next point we will deal with how to exercise our eyes.



Most Nutritious Foods In The World!



#3. Exercising your eyes


Here’s what i was talking about! A few easy yet effective eye-exercises that will help develop your eye muscles & will help you regain your eyesight back to normal.

Below is a video containing all exercise, the reason i don’t explain it in written is because you might get confused. So, take a look & learn perfectly!






#4. Eyesight healing affirmations


The reason we see people doing it is because it really works. Do you know you have supernatural powers, you just don’t know how to use them?

Your sub-conscious mind is so powerful that whatever you tell it, it will accomplish it, yes anything! The only thing that matters is you should have full confidence you can achieve that.

So, if you tell your sub-conscious mind something like, ‘My eyesight is becoming normal’ before going to bed & after you wake up 10 times each. It could bring a drastic change.

There are thousands of people who have experienced that this work. An example is a woman who was dealing with breast cancer has been told by doctors that she can’t be treated. But she decided to heal her body herself.

She pledge that from now, she will think as if she has never had a breast cancer. And remember that too with full confidence!

Guess what, after 3 months she recovered! Doctors told her, there was no longer a cancer in her breast.

That’s how it works. Just remember you should have full confidence that your eye-sight will become normal!






As you follow these 4 tricks, soon you’ll start notice your eyesight becoming slightly normal. It’s not that your eye-sight will get back to normal within a week, it takes time to have it’s effect.

It depends on your ability to drive your sub-conscious mind towards healing it & the consistency of exercises.

Everything takes time! As when consistent drop of water falls on a solid rock, even though rock is so tough that those tine droplets. But still due to drops consistently hit on rock, they get able to divide in into 2 parts.


“Great Things Are Done By A Series Of Small Things Brought Together”



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