There are near to none chances anyone hates eating watermelon. Whether on dessert or as a snack we all love having them.

And now you’ll be glad to hear that your favorite summer fruit holds some really great benefits too! It’s the must to have fruit in summer and the reason it’s a must is because it…






#1. Can help lose weight


Yes, that’s true! But only if you consume it’s seeds too.

Since the watermelon seeds are rich in magnesium, iron & folate so they can play a good role in cutting your excess fat.

Watermelon consist of nearly 92% of water itself so you get the benefit here, as research has shown that getting in enough water helps keep the calorie burn rate in your body high.

So with having it you can accomplish 2 things at a time. Firstly, can help you lose weight & secondly, it will fulfill your body water necessity.



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#2. Reduces risk of heart diseases


Citrulline is the compound present in watermelon which does this magic!

It helps reduce arterial plaque volume which is one of the major roots of all heart diseases.

Watermelon also is rich in compounds that widen blood vessels and lower hypertension and the best part is just a daily intake of its juices could be enough to lower blood pressure.

Thus consuming this tasty fruit several times a week should provide lower risk of heart attack and cardiovascular disease.









#3. Helps recover from injury quickly


Watermelon helps our body fight wound infections thus leading it to heal in less time interval.

Glutathione found in the red, grainy flesh right near the rind is the compound beneficial in fighting this infections.

Melon is also a good of source of protein and provides essential fluid. Thus recovery process is stimulated after drinking watermelon juice.

That’s the reason why athletes loves watermelon so much!

So next time when you’re dealing with a injury don’t forget to have a few glasses of melon juice.







#4. Normalise blood pressure & boosts immunity


There are supplements found in watermelon that are beneficial to health and to the immune system.

They provides that immunity with which our body gain the power protect it from various infections.

It’s extracts also reduces pressure on aorta & heart which leads to a smooth blood flow this keeping our blood pressure normal!

For people with obesity and high blood pressure, it can work wonders. So don’t forget to tell your knowable dealing with it about this fact.




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#5. Is extremely low in calories


Do you know, two cups of cubed watermelon have only 80 calories but no fat. So, i think choosing watermelon over junk food can save you a lot of calories.

By consuming just 2 cups of watermelon a day, you can be on the smart way of losing weight with each cup containing just 46 calories, 92% water, and negligible fat.

So if you’re on a diet, think twice before heading to anything else. As with having watermelon you can eat a up to your limits with just gaining a near to least calories.



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There are almost 300 varieties of watermelon grown all over the world. And no matter which you choose, you will definitely reap its benefit!

Watermelon has everything you need to beat the scorching summer heat. That’s why don’t forget to always have a couple of them in your fridge!



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