Want a routine you can stick to so that you can lose weight easily?

Yes, you are at the right place & you know what, by deciding to have a weight loss routine you just stepped on the smart way of getting trimmed!

I see many struggle to lose weight but it’s not that hard, do you see those celebs who puts on weight or lose some just like a game. How do they do that!

They too are similar to us but the thing that deviates any person who wants to lose weight against them is lack of knowledge.

Celebs know how to play with weight & today I will try to give you that frame by which you too can achieve any body weight you want.

They got a weight loss schedule! They follow it everyday, not like anyone who just wanna lose weight by doing exercises.

Ya sure, exercising is important but weight loss schedule is must!

So without wasting much time let’s check out the routine…







#1. Begin with hot water in the morning



Beginning your day with a glass of hot water can work wonders for you not just in the aspect of weight loss but also to your skin, body & health.

Talking about weight loss, it wipe out all the gut pollutants from our body or we can say it works like a detox.

The benefit of this is you get a clean alimentary canal so whenever you eat anything throughout the day, the digestive juices comes out in an excellent way as the pores are clean!

And when juices are present in adequate quantity your food is completely digested which don’t let you gain more fat.

So soon after you get up go straight to your kitchen, get yourself a cup of hot water & start your day right!






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#2. Have high amount of protein & fibre in your breakfast



Okay, this is obvious but the question is what can be a perfect meal for morning?

It’s pretty simple, egg with oatmeal can be a great option as egg contains every protein you body needs & oatmeal is pretty healthy. You can also add any sort of fruit or vegetable juice to make it even better.

But as you don’t get bored of eating this, you can try new things in repeat like some fruit salad, smoothies can also be a great option!

It can be anything that’s not oily or fat rich. Eating a healthy meal at the beginning of the day can give you a positive vibe & also a healthy body.





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#3. Sweat out




Here’s a thing to know! Many of you may think, going for exercises before meal can be great but it’s not. Rather going for it after meal is beneficial!

You can face cramps & stomach issues! As when you workout with an empty stomach it contracts more & sometimes creates problem. It can be avoided by having something first before workouts.

Also, carbohydrates obtained by meal is broken down by your body quickly to provide energy that can keep muscles functioning during exercise. Thus you can end up having more workout time.

But remember one thing, don’t full your stomach completely otherwise it can be way more problematic! Just get something healthy & in enough quantity.





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#4. Stay hydrated throughout the day



It skyrockets your metabolism & increases your ability to perform more exercises!

It’s also necessary because drinking a lot of water keeps food flowing through your digestive tract smoothly thus prevents constipation and bloating.

An 8 ounces of water which is approx 2 litre is adequate for us. Drinking enough water will also keep your skin glowing & healthy.

One more benefit of water is it can satisfy your hunger, just go for water when you feel hungry! It will kill your hunger as well as will not leave you any calories.





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#5. Stay away from junk



It can be difficult to put your hands off your favourite chips but in order to get trimmed you have to let it go!

It will be great if you avoid it completely but if you are just starting off to lose weight, it can be difficult to leave! So don’t just try to cut off on it rather reduce it’s consumption step by step.

As leaving it at once can be way more difficult than avoiding it slowly. And as you slowly cut on it go for some fruits at the same time.

This will make fruits your first priority over junks & you can make fruits your snacks for evening!





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#6. Don’t skip meals



Skipping meals can’t help you lose weight instead it will take you on the way to becoming more fat!

Imagine your body needs food at lunch but you avoid it so that you can cut some calories but what happens next, at dinner you are dying to eat & you end up eating way more than what you have eaten combining both lunch & dinner!

Maybe you don’t get the idea you are eating too much but you surely are! So the best is to eat more often but in small parts.

Set a time table listing after what interval you will have to eat. Decide 5-6 intervals & eat a certain amount of healthy stuff in each of them.

This will help you avoid hunger & you will also eat much less than your previous regular intakes.







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Sure following this schedule can be a bit difficult but trust me it’s worth it! You can surely notice a difference following it just for a month!


“You Can Have Any Body Type You Want, It’s Just That You Have To Buy It With Your Efforts”



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