A perfect diet, without the mental part, can never get you that slim body. Many ask what should I eat to lose weight quickly?

My dear the question should rather be, why you want to lose. It’s your body which listens only it’s brain, the moment you tell your brain why you want to lose weight your body almost starts losing weight following your brain’s order.

If you had gone through the book ‘The Power Of Your Sub-conscious Mind‘ you will know how powerful our mind is.

Your mind is just like a robot, it don’t know what’s right or wrong. It just follow all your orders, if you say ‘i am fat’ then you are & if you say ‘i am lean’ guess what you are.

So, here are the tips to kick-start your weight loss successfully & maintain body fitness.

#1. Make smaller goals

Setting a goal of doing 50 push-ups a day can be a tough stuff to do, which your brain will definitely try to resist.

But if you set a goal of starting with only 5 push-ups a day & gradually increasing it then your brain will definitely guide your body to do it. Because it’s a easy stuff to do which don’t need much will power.

#2. Understand why losing weight is important

If you don’t have a reason to lose weight, trust me you can never achieve it. A reason give a self motivation which will never let you down on doing efforts for it.

#3. Look up to an idol

Are you attracted to someone’s physic, take it as a motivation. Imagine how great you will look in that same physic.

Just like setting GPS for reaching a desired place is necessary, setting a picture of your desired physic in your mind will make your brain work accordingly to achieve that physic.

#4. Calculate your daily calorie intake

It’s obvious & almost everyone knows it that for losing weight you have to look after the calories you intake.

But the point i want to make here is you have to tell your brain about it, tell it you are restricting calories. By that your brain will send positive impulses to different body parts & make them store less fat.

#5. Do meditation

It’s a perfect & easy way to boost the process. Nothing is more beneficial for relaxing & soothing your brain. And when your brain is at it’s best, it will work better for you to help achieve your goal. Also, it improves your patience power which you definitely need to lose weight.

If you ask any weight loss experts they will tell you,  it’s not the specific diet only that helps you lose weight, along with it weight lose depends on the question. Are you mentally ready to change your life or not?

It’s totally on you how you wanna look in next 11 months because: “After every 11 months you create a new body depending on what you think of yourself”.

Yes, it works but only when you have full confidence on it that you can achieve it.




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