Why invest too much on those expensive cream which just promises you to bag a great skin but never do so!

Your skin don’t need any extra substance to help it out staying healthy, it’s got all it need. You just have to follow some really simple tips & you too can get an amazingly glowing skin overnights!

And the best part is the glow you’ll reap will not be just for a few days or month but as long as you’ll take care of it.

So, let’s jump onto it…





#1. Go for bed with a clean face




Night is the repair time of your body, during it body cells repair itself! And in that case you don’t wanna have a thick layer of makeup over your face depositing different chemical in the pores which then can lead to different skin problems.

Also in this polluted world your face needs a 6-8 hour of self-repairing period for itself. So, give it that time.

Wash your face just before heading for bed, find a great face wash which suits your skin type & give your face a deep cleanse!

When you do so, your skin cells gets a better chance to repair your skin & remove dead cells more quickly as well as effectively.






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#2. Exfoliate your lips



Lips are the most sensitive & less protected part of your face. It’s skin is 10 times more thinner & that’s the reason why most people have dark lips.

They fail to take care of their soft lips. As Mr. Sun is always there to harm it & so is pollution, it’s necessary to exfoliate your lips at night.

This will remove all the dirt & dead cells from your lips & will also stimulate the blood flow over it. And that will be really great as it will leave your lips more pink. You can use your toothbrush, slightly try to brush your lips but don’t use a hard brush otherwise you can cause harm to your lips. Or if you can afford a exfoliator, it would be great! They work really well.

After exfoliation you can also go for a good lip balm, that will boost your repair process & will also not let your lips go dry!





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#3. Let the blood flow through your face




How can you provide a good blood flow to your face? Well, there are a lot of things you can do like applying ice, a headstand or some massage.

When you rub ice on your face, the cell beneth your skin sends signal to brain to circulate more blood there to produce more heat. So you can do that! But headstand & massage will be a way better thing to do as it’s more effective.

You can do a 2 min headstand & all your blood will shift to your head. Thus will give an adequate blood flow throughout your face & thus giving it essential nutrients to stay healthy.

Massage is a must especially around your eyes as it’s the place where the blood flow is minimal. And that’s the reason for your dark circles.

Just rub both your hands & when you feel the heat press your eyes with them for a few seconds, do this for 2-3 times. After that softly press the cavities around your eyes with your thumb, this will stimulate the blood flow & can help you fight dark circles.





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#4. Don’t be afraid of oils



Ya I know oil on face can lead to pimples & other skin problems but only when used the wrong one!

There are many skin friendly oil you can use on your face to get a healthy glowing skin. Some examples are sandalwood oil or rose oil!

After you have done a deep cleanse you can apply these oils before moisturizers to help it work more effectively. It works as a inducer with moisturizers.

If you have an oily skin I recommend you to avoid oils as it can serve more problems but ya surely go for some moisturizers at night.





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#5. Don’t miss out on Vitamin C




It’s not a option, it’s a need! You can imagine of a glowing skin unless you body got a lot of this.

It’s the thing which gives that extra glow on your face & also repairs damage. You can find a lot of it in citrus family. The most amount is found in guava.

So don’t forget to get yourself some guava to give your body the fuel with which it can repair your skin.










#6. Have a clean pillow



As your face had to spend the whole night on it, so it’s neccesary to have a clean one of it!

I don’t think you want a pillow waste all your hardwork you just did on your face before bed. So a clean pillow or place a clean cloth over it if you can’t change it.

Make it a habit to clean your pillow every week, soon you’ll start to notice the good changes on your face.







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#7. Lastly, have a great sleep




All the above processes are of no use untill you have a great sleep as it’s the only time when your body starts the repair.

Do every possible thing, avoid light, have a comfortable mattress, a noiseless room or anything it takes to have a 6-8 hours of dreamy sleep.

I have a complete article on how to silent your disturbed mind at night to have a great sleep, you can check it out below-


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You can also get a glowing skin with a improved tone within hours by using bleaches but that will be temporary.

There’s no shortcut to a naturally glowing skin, you have to do the work it takes! But it worth it, just follow these 7 easy steps & withing months notice the difference.


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