What is happiness?

People keep searching for articles on google- ‘how they can be happy’! Maybe you too have searched for it many times & also had gone through some of them.

So are you happy after reading those? Well, I don’t think so & the thing is you can’t be, no matter how many article you go through!

Because the happiness you’re searching for lies within you. “If you need an article to know how to be happy then it’s not something that’s real for sure” this is what Harvard has to say on happiness.

The Survey

Harvard organised a survey to find what a group of young people think can give them immense happiness?

In it, many believe that wealth, power, and fame are the top factors that can contribute to immense happiness.

But here’s what Harvard has to say that can provide immense happiness- People who are socially more connected to family, friends & community are way more happier any any of those wealth seekers.

Another survey done on different families shows, truely happy individuals were those who spends more time doing something new together, reaching out to estranged family members or make time for old friends.

Harvard Study of Adult Development also states,’A happy life is not lived alone. This statement says it all!





The Benefits Of Being Happy








The stronger your social connect & relation is with your loved ones, the less likely you’re to have any chronic disease or any mental issues.

Harvard says those great relationships don’t have to be smooth all the time! Ups & downs are like a part of any relation, they comes & goes but if your relation is strong, it will last forever.

Apart from keeping you away from deadly diseases happiness can also be a great exercise for your face to reduce the signs of aging or other skin related issues.

People see you as a fun loving & worth talking person. Overall it increases your value on social level!

These are only a few benefits you can reap by just carrying a smile on your face.



6 Life Lessons To Live Like A Alpha Human!




How To Be Happy








“The possibilities are endless”. Something as simple as watching movies with your loved one to meeting up new faces everyday can make you feel on top of the world within seconds!

Our brain is designed to always see the bad side. So when someone scolds us for some obvious reason, instead of thinking what we done wrong we think how bad the person was, how can he just talk to me like that!

This leads to negatively & which ultimately leads to sadness. Whereas if we take the situation in a positive way, hey that man was great, he just told me my mistake! Now I have the opportunity to correct it.

This can give you happiness within seconds! That’s how simple it can be to stay happy always.


These Tips Can Help You Live Positive!








Your way of looking a situation will make all the difference. Just look the situation with a positive mindset instead of a negative one.




Following just this one thing, you can bag yourself a life full of happiness & joy!

“The World Changes When We Change Our Perspective”







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