I think having a healthy reason to smile because you are in shape and filled with confident can bring enough motivation to be fit, but if you are still unsatisfied with this i have some more for you.

Fitness is a natural body & mind booster. Being fit includes keeping your muscles, bones, and joints as active and healthy as possible.

We all knew we need to eat the right foods and do stuff that is “healthy for us,” but the problem is motivation, I bet everyone once in his/her life starts exercising to be fit but after a few days whether due to pain or lack of motivation we get rid of it.

But here i want to give you 8 motivational reasons that will help you keep yourself fit.

You should be fit to:

#1. Help you lead a stress-free life

Being fit can afford you opportunities to relax and live a life that is not overburdened with stress. Fitness keeps you energized all day long which automatically make you feel stress-free!




#2. Make you look & feel better

A healthy lifestyle can improve your appearance, teeth and nails and give you that certain glow that makes you look great! Also, regardless of your body appearance, regular fitness helps improve your self-esteem.




#3. Make you more productive

Do you know, the average effect of regular exercise is greater than the improvement from using stimulant medications. Yes, it’s that powerful.




#4. Help discover who you are

Physical transformation can help improve your mental, emotional, and spiritual state which can help you find the real you.




#5. Be confident in your abilities

Getting in better shape can help you look a lot better, and improve your confidence. It’s the best way to gain confidence.




#6. Make your mood happy & cheerful

Well, those awesome comments about you from your friends and family, will definitely make you super happy. Apart from it you will be self surprised by the cheerfulness you will get when people keep staring at your lovely body.




#7. Have a long life expectancy

It’s obvious, the more stronger your body get, the more it will gain resistance against disorders & thus lead to a longer life.




#8.Help you rise in your quality of life

Exercise helps improve your brain’s ability to concentrate, remember, visualize, plan ahead, and solve problems. In all rises your quality of life.

A healthy lifestyle helps stave off hypertension, reduce the risk of diabetes, and helps you stay in shape!

We all get old, it’s a natural process so why not live a healthier life in that old age and not pass our days sitting around in the doctor’s waiting room!




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