“Persistence is the material to success”, I believe in this quote. We’re all brought up to believe that working hard will equal success. In school, we’re taught that if we study harder, we’ll get better grades.

In sports, if we practice more, we’ll perform better and at work, if you work harder, you’ll be more successful.


With an earnest effort, ones put in their work would help them to achieve their goal and eventually become successful in their lives.

However, luck is just a small element that happens once in a blue moon. Thus, I agree that people can become successful in their lives through hard work rather than by luck.


Whenever we look at successful people, we call them ‘lucky!’. But what is luck? Is it just a chance, a good fortune?

If yes, then how do people get repeated successes? If I were to say that luck is important too, then I would define luck as a confluence of perseverance, prospects, and preference.

Opportunities present themselves every day to every person. Do they not? But only a person who recognizes them and seizes them without delay gets to convert these opportunities to their preferred outcomes. And we very comfortably tag them ‘lucky’.

a broken fortune cookie isolated on white with message "your efforts will pay"

Smart people don’t live in the illusion that life will be easy. They love challenges and find it thrilling to overcome an obstacle.

Having some downtime is refreshing, but confronting and tackling new problems is what smart guys live for!

Successful people don’t let their fortune to take pride in their hard work. Remember, hard work pays you success always, but good luck is just a visitor.

“Good Luck Is The Result Of Hard Work And Preparation”



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