Looking for a way to get through your crush’s heart? If yes, you’re reading the right article. Wanna know what kind of guys appeal girls the most?

Below is a majority opinion of girls about the best traits they will love to see in their man. Go through it & find whether you have them or not!


#1. They love an intimidating personality



Would you like to date a girl with a arrogant nature who don’t value others? Maybe not! Girls also have the same opinion on guys. They too like charismatic personality. One who is not afraid of anyone, when walks in a room all look at him with a smile.

Girls want kind of guys who are happening, is not afraid to talk in a group & put his opinion clearly. A charismatic personality is what all loves. And if you want to be one, you have to spend your time in groups instead of keeping yourself locked in your room.

As a person who spend time in groups build up a great confidence & self-esteem which is all you need!




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#2. One who is polite, humble & loyal


Sure girls like bad guys but they just love good ones! No women want to spend her whole life with a kind of guy who is not loyal, trying on every girl. They also hate kind of guys who disgraces others.

They want a polite man who is capable of solving any issue with his calm & intelligence. One who respects her & believes in her dignity.

They like kind of guys who respect others in the same as he respects himself.






#3. Guys who are protective of them but also give them their space


Girls love being pampered, and we all know that! They wanna be around kind of guys they can stick to. And that’s the reason most women like muscular men more than lean ones!

But this doesn’t mean you have to be a body builder! It’s just that, if you can work on yourself it will be good. The main thing is you should be able to take up a stand for your girl in difficult situations.

Girls want a guy on whom they can relay that nothing can go wrong as long as they are with their partners.

But don’t be so over protective that she can’t enjoy her space. That’s a important thing to keep in mind!


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#4. He won’t get fed up & leave


As what i said in the first point, we human like being around peoples who dominate. And in case of women, they just love kind of guys who dominates a group.

A guy who dominates in a group is an alpha male. He is the leader of group & a real dominant men, ladies look at him with a respect. So, if you also want to attain those traits to become an alpha male, you have to kick out your public fear.

You should have enough self-confidence to stay relaxed in a group & show the real you. Therefore, next time when you go out with a girl you like & there you met her group, don’t be a shy guy! Just be yourself & rock the conversation.






#5. Respectful man


They like respected guys, one who when meets people, they talks to him with respect. This shows that the man holds some importance.

Imagine you’re sitting with 2 persons in a park, one is with a damaged jeans, t-shirt & weird hair & other is a well suited man. Who will you respect more? Obviously the suited man as he seems to hold more importance than the other guy.

It’s human nature we love being with respected peoples. And same goes with women, they also want a kind of guy with whom when they walk, people look at her with respect too!


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#6. A bit mysterious


Girls love being teased! They like kind of guys who plays a bit weird to guess. This type of guys are a surprise package & girls just love them. They like the way this guys don’t follow the crowd & builds their own logic.

One who are not always available to talk with! Girls find them really mysterious & that’s what appeals them the most. They find it really interesting to know how these guys think!


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If you have these qualities, there’s no chance a girl will not fall for you! If not, i think they are not so hard enough to gain. So go for it!

Lastly i want to tell you, don’t copy anyone, just be yourself because nothing is more sexy & appealing than being yourselves.


” Don’t Try To Impress Peoples. Try To Express Your True Self, They Will Surely Find It Impressive”


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