As per a survey, there has been a drastic increase in the number of Dentists all over the world. Do you know why?

It’s because of us my friend! Since we are so careless about our teeth, there had been a rush in this Dentist clinics.

If you peep 10-20 yrs back, these clinics are not much because there was no need of it. But in today’s fast life, we have time to chat with friends for hours but don’t have time to brush our teeth for a few minutes.

This is a article you must go through to learn how to protect your teeth. So, that they don’t shade off too early, before you turn old.





#1. Brushing is an important part of dental care routine


If you’re a food freak, love to eat every now & then it’s a must to have a good dental care routine. Lest you’ll not be able to eat those delicious food too far in your life.

I mean if you just don’t brush your teeth properly they’ll get damaged at an early age & you’ll be unable to hold your food freak title for long.

And the best part is, it don’t require much to give your teeth that long life. Just a few minutes of deep cleaning in morning & at night is enough.


#2. Change your toothbrush regularly


Toothbrush is like a warrior for you in removing those harmful bacteria from your teeth. Just like warriors keep their swords ready & modify it from time to time to defeat their enemy. You too should change your toothbrush regularly to fight those bacteria.

Using the same toothbrush for more than 2-3 months can be bad for your teeth. Since its bristles got damaged & they become less able to clean them properly.

That’s why it is pretty essential to change your toothbrush regularly.



#3. Choose the right toothpaste


Come on, don’t compromise in choosing this right! At least don’t save your money in this, but this doesn’t mean you get the most expensive one. Just a good quality toothpaste that suits you.

Before heading to buy any toothpaste, make sure it don’t contain fluoride & other chemicals. Because if a paste contains this, surely it will whiten your teeth but in long term can give damage  to them.

Go for natural options, they are the best! They will clean your teeth & provide those white teeth, don’t cause any  harm & also are cheap.



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#4. Brush each teeth for about 30 sec.


Do you know the most perfect time of brushing? It’s about 33 sec. each teeth! It has been proved that if you do this on a regular basis, there’s hardly a chance you will face any problems with your teeth health & bad breathe.

It roughly takes 18 min. to do a complete cleanup & get you a clean, fresh mouth. Also you don’t need that mouth fresheners as you no longer have those bad breathe! I think that’s worth it.



#5. Brush your teeth after 30 min. of having your night meal


Do you know brushing at night is more important than brushing in morning!

Most people brush in morning but i think it’s way more important to brush at night. As during the whole day you eat & so it’s important to clean’s your teeth properly at night before sleeping as the food particles left in between teeth can cause cavities.

And the best time to brush at night is about 30 min. after you have your dinner because after it the food particles left in between teeth starts to damage them.

Brushing at night is also an effective way to deal with bad breathe as the bad breathe is due to these food particles so when you clean them you don’t have it!


As i always say, your body is your biggest asset, once you lose your teeth they’ll never be back. So, think twice when you feel like you don’t wanna take care of it!


“Take Care Of Your Body, It’s The Only Place You Have To Live”


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