Well, if i tell you the truth i want to write a article that can help you stay motivated to be happy but than i thought, motivation can fade away with time. So, i have decided to to write a short but extremely effective way to that evergreen happiness.

Only 4 points is all you need to follow to make your life full of happiness & joy. Ok let’s begin without wasting much time…

#1. Smile in the mirror


Believe it or not, it’s a human psychology that whatever you feel at the start of the day, you’ll tend to feel the same throughout the day. Moreover, if you begin the day with a smiling face & feeling happy, you can end up with a great day.

I think looking ourselves in the mirror is the first thing most of us do every morning.

So, instead of thinking about all that tons of problems just imagine any moment that gives you immense pleasure whenever you think of it. It could be anything, thinking of the person you like, that moment which means a lot to you.

The only thing that matters is you should feel happy from inside not only from outside. Try it out!! Do it every morning & you’ll start to see a big difference in your life.



#2. Don’t keep it up to yourself, share it!


Do you share amazing contents with your friends on social media, why you share them? Let me guess, it makes you feel better that you have done something good for them.

Being happy is great but sharing it is awesome. Do you know smile is contaminous, its like a viral, it spreads out in a great way! The more you share happiness, the more you will get it.

Even with strangers, if you smile at them, they’ll definitely smile back that’s the power of smiles. Its a symbol of friendship & peace.

The moment you start spreading happiness & those contaminous smiles you will notice people around you’ll see you with a whole new perspective.

You will be the center  of attraction in any group & this will thus give you more happiness.



#3. Don’t be afraid of Lightning sad hearts


I don’t think there’s anything you can do greater than making a sad person happy. You don’t have to be a comedian to make it, just a genuine smile & a real emotion to help them out listening to their pain is all you need.

Let your soul smile through your heart & your heart smile through your eyes & that will automatically scatter rich smiles on those sad hearts.

Trust me to whom so ever you give those smiles of their face, they’ll be your well wisher forever & will always be by your side in every bad situation even if you’re strangers.



#4. Work can’t take your happiness off!


Don’t make work your life, it’s just a part of it. No circumstances can ever make you feel sad least you want to be.

Think of that day when you were really upset what do you think of it now, its past & now you’re happy nah. It’s a part of life, bad conditions will always want you to feel sad but do you want them to do so?

I meet many people who says ‘If i get that job, i will be happy’, come on man, once you achieve anything it’s done. You get busy in aspiring something else to be happy like, ‘If i got a promotion, i’ll be happy’ and this process will never end.

Why can’t you be happy without getting that job, you don’t need a reason to be happy! Happiness  is not a thing you’ll get after you achieve something, its a feeling. If you think you’re happy, you definitely will be.

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“Smile at everyone, no matter if you don’t give money to poor but give them a smile rather than getting angry”

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Thanks for reading…



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