Want to get desired job, without having good grades. Read the article till the end and get the key to your desired job cabin.

Are you too low profile on social media? Or do you engage in heated debate on various controversial topics? Well, if you belong to either of these two categories of peoples, there are slim chances that you might land a job.

As per reports, nearly 92% firms check the social media activities of the candidates as a part of screening process. Facebook, Twitter & linkedin are social media platforms.


Today, degree is not the only thing companies are looking for. You can easily get your desired job by having an amazing quality called Emotional intelligence, a term first brought to the masses by Daniel Goleman, which involves self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skill.

When someone has these qualities, they has a clear-cut chance of winning their desired job. They have the ability to work well with others and are effective in leading change.

Every average applicants are obsessed over getting the right credentials and being “qualified” on paper. Meanwhile behind the scenes, companies are playing a totally different game.

Every company desires a employee which can talk well, has a positive body language and a overall great social skill more than any degree. They’re obsessing over finding the right person to solve their problems. 

If you can prove to them that you can solve their problem, you instantly create a strong impression of yourself, and none of those things on paper matter as much.


So, if you’re applying for Job interview you can keep this few things in mind to create a great impression and get your desired job half the way instantly:

  1. Before sending a résumé or cover letter, have at least one other person proofread it.
  2. You were supposed to meet with four people at a company but you met with just one. Guess what? Chances are you won’t hear back from the organization.
  3. What the hell the problem maybe, don’t be late for the interview, being late is an instant red flag.
  4. Evaluate your own wants and desires in a career, you will have a fair chance at getting the position.
  5. A smile, an enthusiastic handshake, good posture or regular eye contact are the sign of positive body language, don’t miss out on it.
  6. Don’t talk in between, let them finish first, wait for a few sec. then give your views.
  7. Words have rather more power than degrees. So, choose your words wisely.
  8. Keep yourself on the interviewer’s place and speak what they want to hear.

If you keep this 8 tips in mind during an interview you will definitely play on front foot. One more thing i want to mention, many people face shyness in interview, i just want to say one thing to them- ” There is no shyness in body, it’s in our mind”.

Stand out from the competition? Everyone want to sell them in their interviews, be a person any company would dream to have…

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At last i suggest you to read the best book you will find on earth to control and win anyone you want which is HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE, you will thank me later after reading it. So, go for it, here is a direct link to buy this book- Click here.



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