Do it ever happened to you, you have a sudden realization that you’re in danger of wasting your life. Well, maybe you’re right.

What do we want more from life? Basic psychological needs include happiness, love, wisdom, & health. All want a bit more of them no matter how much they already have. If you also expect from from life, you’re on the right track my friend.

Life is too short, you can’t waste your precious time watching T.V. Instead utilize that free time learning something new.

With a lot of research i have brought you this 6 bullet points to achieve much more from your life in every aspect.





#1. Embrace & acknowledge your weaknesses

Being humans, the only way we can learn anything is by experiences. Any experience, weather it’s good or bad helps us learn something. So, don’t be afraid of  learning from it.

Start embracing your weaknesses today! Whether you choose to work on your flaws or accept them, don’t be afraid to share more of yourself with the world.

#2. View challenges as opportunities

It’s the most important factor that will lead you to immense wealth. Do you know what separates a rich from poor? It’s the way of looking a situation. “Rich look challenges as an opportunities, poor sees it as a conflict”.

So, now you know how to deal with challenges. This simple mentality has many benefits. Give it a try, you will definitely get something good out of it.


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#3. End result is not important, the process is

It’s good to know & think about your end result. But if you focus only on results, your motivation will be like a tide, short lived. Just focus on the journey, not the destination.

Keep a eagle eye on your destination but also learn along the way what you can improve.

#4. Remember, your brain has an ability to learn

Your brain has two different modes, ‘learning’ & ‘protective’, and each produces a dramatically different orientation to learning and change.

Your brain is all about gaining new changes & experiences in life. It don’t have a limited storage like hard disk, you can pour as much knowledge & wisdom as you desire.

What can be a more greater asset than your brain, Keep grooming it everyday.


#5. Learn from the mistakes that others make

Have you ever cheated from someone in the exams expecting to get more marks but end up getting much lower than what you would have obtained if you hadn’t cheat.

Well, it’s an early lesson you have learned in life, never follow anyone blindly. Observe what he/she is doing & weather it’s worth doing or not.

It’s actually the excellent way to prevent ourselves from making mistakes. Peoples do this mistakes for you, you just have to learn from them.

#6. Give priority to learning rather than asking for approval

As it is said, “Knowledge without implementation is worthless”. Look, there’s no benefit of scrolling article on self improvement one-by-one on google if you won’t apply them. So, give priority to learning rather than asking for approval.


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Make every day count. Keep a keen look at your ultimate dream but also plan out short-term targets. It’s the ultimate way of ensuring that you’re always on the move.

How much more you get from life depends on how committed are you to achieve it? How important is it for you, and what are you willing to sacrifice in order to achieve it? Motivation means action and action brings results.

If you find yourself fully committed, motivation will automatically lead you to your mark.

” There’s Always Room For Improvement”




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