From boardroom brainstorming to a homemaker’s mid-day break, tea is something that connects the entire world in a single thread of its awesome aroma and a taste that is loved by nearly all of us.

Of this Black tea alone accounts for 75% of the total tea consumed in the world.

Most of us are use to Caffeine that can boost focus and energy throughout the day. It wakes up our senses, reinvigorating and refreshing our mood.

But do you know black tea remains a more healthful alternative to many products when seeking a daily caffeine boost.

You may have heard that black tea is not good for health but maybe having a cup of black tea might not be as bad as you might have imagined. Here’s the health benefits of having black tea on a daily basis:




#1. Lower risk of diabetes

Black tea can be a good choice for the type 2 diabetes patients. It comes with polyphenols that are good for people with diabetes because its help human body to improve the metabolic system.

It contains huge potential benefits that can even help people to cope with obesity, which is definitely a big risk factor for the diabetics.





#2. Good oral health

Polyphenols removes the bacteria that cause tooth decay, and drastically reduce the oral bacteria that cause bad breath. Also refreshes the breath and cleanse the mouth.






#3. Prevents heart diseases

Yes, you got it right it prevents dangerous heart diseases along with Atherosclerosis  which is a buildup of plaque in the walls of any artery in the body.

Three cups of black tea per day were estimated to reduce the risk of atherosclerosis & coronary heart disease by 11 percent.





#4. Prevents DNA damage

Black tea has theaflavins, which can prevent cellular DNA damage & improved motor and neurochemical deficits.






#5. Relief stress

Black tea helps lower your cortisol, a naturally-produced hormone that inflames in times of stress. So, black tea is actually the best thing you can drink to significantly reduce stress.





#6. Increases energy

Black tea contains caffeine. It also contains a little bit of a stimulating substance called theophylline. Both can speed up your heart rate and make you feel more alert.





#7. Better immune system

The tannins in the tea have the power to fight viruses and in turn keep you protected from the different types of flues as well as different viruses that we come in contact with on an everyday basis. 

Alkylamine antigens that are found in black tea also help to boost your immune system.




#8. Prevents cancer

Black tea have a positive impact on bladder, lung, and prostate cancer. Polyphenols present in it may decrease tumor growth & reduce the sensitivity to chemotherapy treatment in the cell.

As we know anything in excess can never be good! Black tea is an amazing thing but only when used in considerate amount as black tea has particularly high levels of manganese, which is toxic in excess.

Also, The longer tea is left to brew, the higher the concentration of these toxic elements, so it is advisable only to brew tea for a maximum of 3 minute. And this is the reason why you are advised not to have it.

But with these few precautions in mind, you can consume it without any worries.

“You Are Good To Use Any Thing For Your Benefit When You Have Knowledge About It”





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