Human beings are simply amazing creatures. Every action and every little doing tells us how unique we are. There are few things in existence more fascinating than the human mind.

In fact, apart from the depths of space, it is probably one of the least understood objects in the universe. That is not to say, however, that we haven’t learned a lot about it.

We know enough that psychologists can even make predictions about your behavior based on certain “rules” that more or less hold true.


There are things about humans and their behavior that still manage to amaze the most famous of psychologists and stun them.

There’s such a mystery about us – about the different organs, about the way we think, the way we behave, etc. The most surprising of the human organs is the brain.

It is so amazingly complex and so deep that no human has understood it’s true power to date. It is said that the average human only uses 10 percent of his/her brain capacity in the lifetime. Imagine what will happen if the complete power is used!

Ok, let’s see some facts about our behavior:








#1. Most peoples text faster when it’s someone  they like






#2. People behave better when they are being watched





#3. You’re most likely to be overweight  if you have a lot of overweight friends






#4. Losing anything makes you twice as miserable as gaining the same thing makes you happy






#5. People with low self-esteem tend to humiliate others







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