Well, ageing is natural but there are studies that proves you can slowdown the process. From your daily routine & sleep cycle to the type of food you consume, all has a great effect on aging. 

Aging leads to multiple body organ and systemic failure, ranging from heart disease and Alzheimer’s to an impaired immune system that can lead to various types of cancer and infections.

But now it’s no longer a question of whether aging can be reversed or not. The question is now, what big you can do to fight with it. 

If you desire living an extended lifespan while remaining mentally & physically fit, you just have to take a hard look at your lifestyle and see what you can change for good.

Here are some of the best tips to start with:




#1. Avoid sugar

The more level of glucose in your blood you have, the more faster you age. Sugar reduces skin elasticity, and results in wrinkle formation.

You don’t have to cut sugar off your diet as it is essential for our body. You just have to limit it, you just need 25-30 gm sugar a day so stick to it.




#2. Apply only natural ingredients to the face

Chemical-based product looks promising on your skin at first, but it is most likely damaging in the long run.

Instead of it, natural skin care products effectively treat the skin and nourish it. Natural cleansing makes skin glow and tone up without causing any harm to your skin.



#3. Healthy diet

A diet rich in antioxidants is a must to keep the level of ageing low and in the maintenance of good health.

A healthy diet to fight with ageing consists of- a lots of fruits and vegetables, healthy proteins, whole grains, some low-fat dairy and healthy fats, and less salt.




#4. Make the laugh lines better

Making them better in lifting of face skin gives you a younger look. With age your laugh lines around the nose and mouth are more pronounced, partly due to gravity.

Our skin begins to lose volume and elasticity, and these lines become more defined. The upper lip also continues to shrink. Be laughing often you help gain it elasticity and keep your muscles in healthy state of laughing.



#5. Sleep well

Sleep deprivation actually makes your skin age faster. People who slept poorly increases signs of their skin aging. So, it’s better make time for some serious shut-eye.




#6. Drink a lot of water

Dry, dehydrated skin looks older and more dull because our skin is a reflection for what’s going on internally, the more water you drink the more hydrated your skin will look

Try drinking 2-3 liters of water per day, this will fulfill all your water requirement in your body & will make you look younger.

This are few habits you can make to your lifestyle that will help you to both extend your life and improve the quality of your life.

One thing i want to make clear ageing doesn’t necessarily mean getting sick or feeling less than our best. If we pay attention to a few key factors and make a few important shifts, we can age healthfully and feel as optimal as possible. 

Instead of thinking about your looks see the positive side of ageing, with getting older you gain immense knowledge & wisdom, and become a mature being in true sense.

Here’s a program you can join to revitalize your skin naturally “The Pure Body- Revitalize Your Skin Naturally“.

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