Have you ever wondered why your life isn’t any better than it should be? It’s because maybe you have’nt done anything worth making it better.

I think many of us set morning goals, but at the morning what happens? Usually these goals not seem that easy to achieve that it were last night, isn’t it?

Today we will have a look at 7 Step by step life changing habits. If you apply these habits into your morning habits, i bet  you will definitely end up being successful.




#1. Wake up early

Who says there’s no joy in sleeping long, we all love having a bit more of it. But sadly the thing that divides a successful person from a ordinary one is sleep only.

I personally relate it with self control, if a person can’t control his/her own sleep then i think there’s nothing he/she can control.

It’s a fact if you want to lose weight you have to workout, similarly if you want any change in your life you have to control your body.


#2. Drink water

Oh my friend, you can’t imagine the benefits you will get just having it in the morning. The first thing i personally do after waking up is to drink a few glasses of slightly boiled water.

Its so essential that i have a complete article for it. Check it out below!!


5 Amazing Benefits Of Drinking Hot Water!


#3. Exercise

Don’t you want everyone look at you with a respect for a perfect body. If you’ve been following softiview for a while, i don’t think you need any motivation to exercise. But if not no problem, you don’t need any motivation to make yourself better or do you. By just spending a few minutes of your day you can change the way people look at you.

And why for peoples, you are doing it for your own good. So, don’t forget to give a few minutes of your day to exercise.




#4. Spend early hours on high-priority tasks

During the few hours of the day your energy level is high to it’s limit. Take its full advantage by doing your most important works first rather than any other waste of things.

Get the secret ingredient to be more productive.


3 Strong Signs Your Body Is Not Getting The Right Diet!


#5. Make your own bed

It’s also a part of self-discipline. When you wake up making your bed, remember the first thing you done is a positive thing. It makes your mind remind you have done something right, you feel positive & this positivity remains throughout the day.

So, if you want to head-start your day positively, now you know what to do.

#6. Do meditation

Oh god, please don’t tell me you don’t do this too. Please do it just for just 5 minutes in the morning. The satisfaction & energy for the day you will get will be something else.

Just try it, thank me later…

If you want some training in it, check this out.

#7. Write down things you’re grateful for

It can be anything like thanks for giving me eyes to see this beautiful world or thanks for giving me such great parents, anything you’re grateful for. You may ask why to do it, what’s the benefit?

If you have gone through the book : “The Power Of Your Sub-conscious Mind” you will know what’s the benefit. The more you think optimistic, the more you will attract happiness. It’s that simple.

#8. Plan your day

Imagine you got a call from your friend at night to reach a place you have never been, you get in your car, put on the GPS & reach there.

In that dark night with the help of a pair of head lights seeing just a few meters ahead you drove to your desired location without even knowing of it. This can be related to your life.

In our life we choose big goals & to achieve that your daily plan will act like head lights of your car in which you’re going for our goals meter by meter.

Do you know any successful person you see or read about today are just human beings like us. They don’t have any supernatural powers, they just know self-control & does thing that’s worth doing.

Applying these few things in your morning routine i bet you will definitely end up becoming successful.

” It’s Not About Who You Used To Be, It’s About What You Choose To Be”




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