You’re not at your best when you’re stressed. In fact, your brain has evolved over millennia to release cortisol in stressful situations like work stress.

Have you ever been in a situation where you wake up in the morning, get your mind right, got to get to work & feel your heartbeat increase and your blood pressure rise!

You, like many other people hate your job. Just thinking about your job really stresses you out. If this is how you feel, you are not alone. Statistics show that 30 to 40% of people describe their job as very or extremely stressful.

And 25% of people rate their work stress as the number one stressor in their lives. And the worst part is all of this stress leads to several health issues including sleep issues, heart problems, digestive problems, weight gain.

All in all stress is really, really bad for your health. So, today we’ll discuss some awesome mind tricks using which you can get rid of work stress in no time!





#1. Find some me-time



Give your brain some downtime, take a moment to unplug and spend time with nature or anything that gives you joy. Scientifically it would be great if you can afford to go out in nature!
Being exposed to sunlight also increases your brain production of serotonin, also known as the happy hormone.

Just talk a long stroll and observe everything around you, without judging anything.





#2. Try to be positive




Ignorance about our own self can harm us greatly and could also weaken our power to deal with stress.
When you’re feeling down, do something that makes you laugh. Laughter brings out the more spontaneous side of you and you’ll feel less self conscious.

Small things such as a good scent or your favorite music can also play a vital role in changing your mindset. So, try to do things that can make you feel great!





#3. Accept the things you can’t change




If some of your decisions have landed you in trouble, accept and find a solution for it instead of blaming yourself & overthinking about it!

If you had done a mistake you’re guilty of! Just let your boss know & trust me he will show gratitude for this move of yours.

It has a positive impact on your mind and consciousness. This makes you stronger to face tougher situations in future as well.


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#4. Shift your focus




Whenever you feel heavy or burdened, or even when you feel tired of doing work, close your eyes & visualize that your mind is going blank and focus on emptying your mind.

Next, think about a pleasurable moment, it will help erase your anxiety, tension and stress. This works wonder for me & I hope you too will be amazed, so do give it a try.





#5. Talk to your fellow friends




Talking out loud about what’s going on in your head and explaining it to someone else, even if you think it doesn’t make sense, helps you to clarify the things that are worrying you.
Talking things through with a friend, work colleague, or even a trained professional, can help you find solutions to your stress and put your problems into perspective.

Also, spending time with friends makes us laugh no matter how upset we are.





#6. Breathe deep



Your breath is a powerful tool to ease stress and make you feel less anxious. Just follow the steps:

  • Lie comfortably on the chair.
  • Take a few deep breaths to relax.
  • Breathe in. Tense the muscles of your feet.
  • Breathe out. Release the tension in your feet.
  • Breathe in. Tense your calf muscles.
  • Breathe out. …
  • Work your way up your body.





Hope you got the help you need to cope your work stress. If you have any unique technique, feel free to share with us in the comment box.







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