Cannabis is legal to some extent in an exceeding majority of states, and whereas it’s typically accepted that cannabis use overall has grown up within the past ten years. There’s no proof that marijuana use in states wherever it’s been legalized has contributed to additional fatal automobile crashes than in states wherever it’s criminal.
So, here is an associate degree article covering the consequences of Driving High With Marijuana!




How common is driving high?



Drivers’ perceptions of the risks of marijuana use and driving have steadily declined over the last decade. Maybe owing to the modification in laws and public speaking over the acceptance of marijuana!

Many drivers have admitted to driving once mistreatment marijuana simply one hour once intake or were passengers in an exceedingly vehicle driven by somebody UN agency had used marijuana.






Is It Safe To Drive When High?



It is not safe to drive when high. Marijuana will have an effect on your ability to react, creating it unsafe to drive and increasing your probabilities of a crash.

Some reports show that folks UN agency drive among one hour of mistreatment marijuana is also virtually doubly as probably to be concerned in an exceeding automobile accident compared to people who don’t consume marijuana.





The risks of driving high?



Marijuana users square measure a pair of to six times additional like to crash than drivers UN agency aren’t impaired. Reasons to not drive when high include:



  • Risk of being concerned in an exceeding automobile crash
  • Hurting or killing yourself, somebody you care regarding, or innocent strangers
  • Getting in remission, paying a fine and having your license suspended
  • Being guilty with a record
  • Risk of associate degree accident?



Studies have shown that consciousness-altering drug will impair your ability to drive. Marijuana is that the drug most frequently found in drivers concerned in fatal automobile accidents.

However, the role of marijuana in these accidents isn’t perpetually clear. As a result of it will be detected in body fluids days or maybe weeks once initial intoxication and since it will be combined with alcohol.





How long must you wait before driving?



It is counseled that you simply don’t drive for a minimum of four hours once inhalation, half dozen hours once oral bodily function and up to eight hours if you’re experiencing a way of “euphoria” or “high” once eupnoeic or ingesting marijuana.



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