What is the first image that comes in your mind when you hear ‘summer’? To me it’s a beach!

In my opinion there’s no other season better than summer. Maybe because it has that holiday feel to it, as from school time we get vacations in summers only.

But there are some tips you should definitely keep in mind so that your summer don’t get ruined. Tips that will keep you away from typical summer problems & will help you bag a great summer.




#1. Don’t plan outings in the day hours


Well, 10-15 years prior you can think about it. But today due to our great contribution towards trees & nature, we have been able to slightly destroy our ozone layer that protects us from harmful UV rays Mr. Sun leaves on us.

But it’s no more as effective as it was earlier. So, it’s better to avoid planning outings in day hours, unless you got a strong SPF fighter against Mr. Sun.



#2. Wear loose clothes


You don’t wanna be sweaty in this hot weather or do you? If not spare those tight jeans & shirts for other seasons & avoid wearing them in summers.

This will avoid the sweat to much extent, you’ll feel fresh & confident as you don’t have to worry about those bad smell from your underarms.

Turn for something breathable, soft, comfortable. And if i give a fashion tip, keep it light!



#3. Drink lots of water


Staying hydrated is the best way to avoid all sort of physical summer problems. It can beat those vertigo & dehydration.

As in summer the chances of getting dehydrated increases to a much higher extent. So, it’s really essential to have a lot of water throughout the day.

The minimal amount to be drink in a typical sunny day is about 3-4 L, not less than this! Staying well hydrated also keeps your skin healthy which prevents you from harmful UV rays.


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#4. Have fruit juice


Oh yes!! Here comes the good part. We all love drinking those tasty fruit juices & guess what here you’re getting an opportunity to satisfy your juice thirst.

During summers its necessary to keep our body cool, and for that what can be more better than drinking those chilled fresh juices.

So, when you get bored of drinking plane water, go for these immense variety of juices. This will both satisfy your thirst as well as keep your body cool.



#5. Too many electric bulbs & lights in your room can tend to heat it up


No matter how hard you put your AC on, you’re not gonna reap its full benefit if your room is lighten up with many high-power bulbs!

So, try to use minimal heating LED’s if you can or if not try to avoid high lighting in your room. Because the less lighting you keep, the more cooler the room will be.

And if you want a heaven like sleep at night, turn off all the light and put the AC on or if not open the windows an hour prior to sleep & feel the magic.




#6. Take cold water showers


Its on you! Whenever you feel the heat, go for a cold shower & get relieved. Adding a great shower gel or a freshness soap will take it to a new level. I use to do this every night 2-3 hours prior to sleep. It feels & works great for me, you too can give it a try if you want to.

And for all those 2-3 days bath bunkers who depends on deodorant even during summers, i have an advise for you!

Don’t skip on bath during summers as during this season many harmful bacteria resides on your body everyday. And if you avoid cleaning them regularly, you can face bad health & also dandruff as it’s chances are highest in summers. So, take at least a bath a day!!

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#7. Take care of your diet



Previously, we had gone through some points on how we can keep ourselves cool externally. Now, it’s time to have a look how we can do it internally!

Do you know why disorders related to stomach & intestine are more during summers? Because peoples are careless about their diet in this season.

Since the weather outside is hot, it’s necessary to keep our body cool. But people without knowing it, eats a lot of oily heat producing diets which then makes the metabolism more fast & thus end up creating issues.

The food in summer should be light. Less meat, egg & oily food should be consumed, as they produce extra heat in our body. So, take care you take them in limit & go for green cool foods more.

Sure you’ll have your summers great & but following these tips you can make it awesome.


“IT’S SUMMER! Be free & happy & danceful & unhibited & now”


With that said,


Wish you a happy summer!!


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