Don’t you ever wondered, “If I met myself one day, what kind of person would I see myself?” All through every single one in this world has their own unique personality but there are total 16 personality types in total.

Out of which 4 are the most popular & successful personalities. And by that i mean to say that they do pretty well in every aspect of their life.

You don’t have to ask someone, “do i have a unique personality,” let’s find out “what kind of unique personality do you have?” Check it out whether you fall in any of these or not? 



#1. Thinking style

As you can guess from the name, people with this kind of personality don’t initiates any work without thinking about all sort of probabilities related to it. They believe if they are putting their effort in any work, it should be worth it. If it don’t tends to give satisfactory results they avoid doing it.

This type of people like working with concrete things like data & machines. They do most of their work with their brains & least with their body.

For example, if they have to invest in a stock, they’ll not invest in it until they had done all sort of research on the company & are nearly sure to get profit.

So, if you belong to this sort of personality, you are not a risk taker & do everything in your comfort zone.


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#2. Energy style


This are a complete energy package. Always active, they don’t do a single thing cause they are active in multiple fields. People love them as being around them also turns them energized.

They like working with others, on team & in busy places. They’re the center of attraction wherever they go. Among male they are called The Alpha Male. An Alpha Male is a men which when walk into a place, people look at him with respect, he dominates group & are really reliable.

If you belong to this trait, you’re a people’s magnet. You don’t like to work under other minds because you yourself are a mastermind & a born leader.



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#3. Lifestyle


This kind of personality has only 1 main moto in their life & that is to live their life to the fullest. They don’t wanna miss any moment to enjoy. Everyday they search for new adventures, it’s like water for them they can’t live without it.

If you belong to this personality, you don’t care what people think of you. It doesn’t really matter what people say about you. Because you don’t have time to think of all this non-senses you stay busy in enjoying rather than stressing.

This type of personality usually belongs to people who  do adventure sports like sky diving, scuba diving, mountaineer etc.



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#4. Value style


These sort of people want work that utilizes their intelligence & lets them excel. They believe in working out for peoples to solve their problems with their knowledge & experience.

It is the most successful personality in the world. And the reason they’re so successful is because as per their personality name they create amazing values for peoples.

This type of personality includes persons like bill gates who created a great value to people by utilizing their knowledge & now in every house PC’s are running on his created values.

If you belong to these personality, you are a kind of person who feels joy in helping others, you have a strong desire to comply the needs of people.

You don’t have much friends because you know the importance of time & invest most of it in creating useful values.




So, do you fit into any of these? If yes, great! But if not, awesome. The only thing you should know is that you are already unique. Just like our faces, personality of each individual is also slightly different from any other being.

So, remember never do something because you find it cool. You yourself are a kind of personality. Be yourself and act the way you feel.


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