Nails for a long had been an important part of female grooming, it has been evolved as a fashion statement overtime! The current fashion trends which crowd are fond of is getting their nails coffin shaped.

Sure, there are certain ways to achieve coffin nails instantly like using Acrylic nails but original is original, always best!

So, if you want to rock real coffin nails below are all the steps you need to consider-




#1. Proper length is required



Of course, without a proper length you just can’t help it. Thus, have patience & let your nails grow enough to style.

Need some help? Using certain things can boost your nail growth such as- Biotin, Coconut oil etc. So, try using them for getting your nails ready fast!






#2. Go for a flat top



The reason these nails are called coffin nails is because they truly reassembles to coffin. Coffin nails usually have tilted sides with a flat top, similar to how a coffin or ballerina shoes would look in real life.

Grooming nails into coffin shaped is quite easy, just try to make a linear cut on your nail as shown in the picture using a drill. Length can be around half inch.






#3. Edge the sides (to achieve ballerina shape)




You’ll need to have a drill or an emery board to shape them. Set the drill to low and tilt it at a slight angle from the sides.
Since you need a tilted side for the coffin effect, you have to trim the upper sides of the nail.

Do not buff the nail in line with the innermost side of your nail so as not to lose the coffin shape of the nails. You can also trim the flat tip to give it a straighter look.





#4. Use a nail file to refine the beauty




Next step is to smoothen the edges! Using a nail file to refine the nail’s shape is the best way to do it.

Make sure you are buffing according to the angle of the nail’s curve to mimic the right shape i.e, ballerina shape. Plus, take care that the file you’re using is not used before as it can lead to misperfection!





#5. Rock it by coloring it the way you want




Okay, that’s it! Now you’re all set to paint them in the way you always wanted. Here’s one quick tip, who said coffins always has to be pale or dark, let people see your creativity by experimenting with color.




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Before heading towards shaping your nails, must watch the procedure once-



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