Scents or fragrance comes into play because being humans we all perspire! These perspiration when get mixed with bacteria on our bodies create a odour nobody likes.

As we can’t spend the whole day in shower, we use fragrances. They help mask the odor and keep us smelling and feeling fresh all day long.

But, with such vast variety of scents available in the market it’s not easy to choose which one is the one you need.

I am talking about the roles of deodorant & perfumes!

Deodorant is a liquid spray that is primarily meant for masking the body odor and serve as antiperspirant ( A substance that is mostly applied to the underarms to reduce or prevent perspiration).

Whereas perfumes are fragrant liquids made out of a mixture of aromatic scents & oils with some alcohol components. These scents and oils are natural which are extracted from flowers, herbs, spices etc.

Although both are used for almost the same purpose i.e, for fragrance! There is some differences between deodorant and perfume:




Difference in solution



There’s a far bigger Difference in their solution that you can imagine!

Talking of Deodorants, it is made of antimicrobial solution embedded with alcohol to prevent body’s bad smell.

Deodorants are mainly responsible for wiping out bacteria that are responsible for bad odour thus prevents us from smelling bad.

Whereas perfume consists of mixed fragrant essential oils or we can say aroma solvents that generate the desired strong fragrance.
A perfume just provides scent; and don’t work as an antiperspirant.




Difference in duration



Another key difference between deo and perfume that perfumes lasts longer than deodorants. Perfume lasts around six to eight hours generally while deo lasts less comparatively say 15 min to an hour or few.

This is due to the fact that deo gets nutrilizes by its action against bacteria with time so loses its fragrance too while perfumes don’t so they lasts long!

That’s the reason why perfumes are so costly whereas deodorants are cheap.





Difference in concentration of fragrance



As mentioned earlier, perfumes are made out of mixtures of aromatic scents and alcohol components.

They got three different notes i.e, top, middle & base notes that altogether provides you that awesome fragrance you deserve!

While on the other hand, deodorant contains a bit of fragrance that lasts for a small interval of time. This small amount of fragrance is added to it so you feel fresh while applying it.






Thus we can get the idea from this article that if we want to avoid bad smell all day long, we should go for deodorant (Everybody should).

And if we’re going for a event where we wanna rock a fragrance, perfumes will play well!





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