Do you know the simple words and phrases we use to say multiple times a day can reprogram the way we think about and view perceived obstacles that stand in the way of personal success.

Words are powerful things, your diction and speech reveals a lot about who you are and thereby decides how much successful you gonna be in future.


Good new is that by swapping simple words and phrases for others we can quickly—and permanently—produce positive behavioral changes.

You will see the difference immediately. The most efficient way to improve the circumstances of your own daily life is to upgrade the thoughts that play habitually inside of your mind.





#1. Maybe: It makes you sound that you’re not sure of your facts.


#2. Very: It makes your sentence less specific.


#3. Always/Never: It makes you sound close-minded & conceited.


#4. Honestly: Indirectly implies that rest of your statements were untrue.


#5. Literally: If you tend to confuse it with ‘figuratively’, then avoid it.


#6. Just: Minimizes power of your statement.


#7. But:  “But” is probably the most limiting word in our vocabulary. You negate whatever you said before ‘but’.




The way you speak not only affects how others perceive you; it also has the potential to shape your behavior. 

When you employ this strategy, you try to challenge your automatic thinking and see things as they really are.

You may realize that a problem isn’t as unsolvable as it seems, and that you have more control over your life than you previously believed.


As your thoughts become habitually more positive and joyful, you’ll develop a sort of momentum and thereby good things could start to happen with greater frequency.

Becoming successful is difficult and that’s why most of us out there are not.






” Success Doesn’t Just Come And Find You. You Have To Go Out And Find It “





At last i want to suggest you to read Success by Napoleon Hill. The book will help you learn the Law of Success and the Magic Ladder to Success. Describes 17 factors or principles behind success. A result of over 500 interviews with successful people and even more important, interviews with many more who failed initially. It’s totally up to you whether to read it or not.




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