Do you know your kidney can function with as little as 20% of their capacity. And that’s the reason why people don’t notice kidney damage at an early state.

It’s really crucial to keep a keen look at your kidney’s health which our daily habits are causing harm to!

Healthy kidneys are very important to keep everything running smoothly in the body. They filter the blood, produce hormone & urine, neutralize acids, support bone health, produce red blood cells and regulate blood pressure.

These are the habits that may lead to serious kidney damage all the time.



#1. Consuming too much animal proteins

Many followers of high-protein diets have been warned that eating large amounts of meat may have a bad effect on their kidneys.

The reason is people with normal kidney are capable of protein metabolism. But with time people who regularly consume a lot of meat can struggle to metabolize all protein.




#2. Holding urine

Holding urine for a long time can lead to rapid multiplication of harmful bacteria present in urine!

This can lead to urinary diseases & also kidney stones. Also if you consistently keep your bladder packed to the max, you will end up having excess capacity bladder. It’s squeeze capacity will reduce so it doesn’t empty all the way. 




#3. Being deficient in vitamins & minerals

I don’t know why many people with kidney disease have a belief that vitamins, minerals and supplements are harmful to the kidney.

 In order to maintain optimal health, people should be taking various supplements depending on their needs. Essential vitamin & minerals can help make your kidney more healthy.



#4. Consuming too much salt & sugar

Too much salt can increase the amount of protein found in your urine. It’s the main cause of kidney stones. Additionally salt & sugar  also reduces kidney function by causing different disorders. So, limit your sugar & salt intake.





#5. Not getting enough sleep

The kidneys’ ability to metabolize certain nutrients, such as sodium and potassium, changes between day and night due to shifts in our circadian rhythms.

 Kidney function is actually regulated by the sleep-wake cycle so it’s essential to develop a fixed sleeping schedule. With that you are good to go.




#6. Drinking coffee in excess

Your kidneys filter all sorts of things, from energy drinks, soft drinks, caffeine, etc. In a suitable quantity this things are not bad for body but in excess this can lead to kidney problems.

Excess caffeine increases cholesterol levels and amounts of protein in urine. Which you know can lead to disorders.

#7. Not drinking enough water

It’s the biggest & most common reason of kidney dysfunction. When you don’t drink enough water the concentration of electrolytes in kidney increases which causes damage. 

Drinking plenty of water is one of the simplest ways to reduce the risk of all types of UTI & kidney stones.

The importance of the kidney for the entire body and overall health is huge, and its health depends on you how you use it. The better you take care of it, the more long it will last to make your life disease resistant even at older age.



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