The reason i put this article in Hack category also because meditation really is a hack! It’s the best thing you can do to get control over your immensely powerful mind. If learnt properly, you can use it to control mind in many ways.

You can use meditation to be more confident, change your sad mood into a good calm one at once. Nothing will distract you easily until you want it to, you can attain such great self-control!

And guess what, we’re now going to learn in detail how to do it. So, if you’re ready, let’s begin!


#1. Choose a comfortable place to sit without any distractions


You can’t reap the full benefit of meditation if you do it at a place where you can’t connect with yourself. Or i can say it’s nearly no benefit doing meditation in a noisy crowded place.

Meditation needs concentration which i don’t think can take place in a crowded noisy place. The place should be quiet enough that you can hear your breathe coming in & going out.

So, the first step is to find yourself that signature place where you can sit peacefully & perform meditation.



#2. Think about the present


Once you’ve seated comfortably, start thinking about the present. Not past, not future but present!

Your mind might wander off but don’t be sad, it’s completely normal. Gently bring your mind to the present, think how calm & alive you’re right now.

Enjoy this time with yourself, feel every breathe! You’ll be amazed by the after feeling of meditation. When i first tried this, it was something out of this world, so calm & relaxing.


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#3. Bring attention to your breathe


As i said earlier, your mind might wander off, so in order to keep it concentrated focus on your breathe! Feel how every breathe is coming in & going out. It’ll help you a lot in your beginning stage as it does to me.

After doing meditation for a month or few, you will be pretty prone to meditate even with open eyes. But if you’re starting off do it with closed eyes, it helps to concentrate better as you can’t see any distraction.



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#4. Don’t control your thoughts


By that i mean, don’t try to control your mind. If you just keep try to push your mind not to think towards anything, it will get distracted even more! Therefore its better to leave it, don’t think about it.

Feel your breathe & whenever your mind distracts, bring it back to breathe. The trick i personally use is keep counting my breathes, it has helped a lot for me. Try it out, maybe you too find this  helpful.


My personal experience with meditation is great! When i first started off, i just do it because i have been told that it’s a good habit. But after doing it for a week it has been an addiction for me. It has been a part of my daily routine since then.

So, i strongly recommend you to give it a try, start doing it for a short span of time maybe 5-10 min. everyday & gradually increase the duration. You can do it after you wake up & before you go to sleep for best results.

It helped me a lot & i think will be helpful to you too.

That’s all my friend, following these 4 easy steps you’re good to do mediation. You don’t have to do read the full history of meditation. I think this short but extremely effective article will surely help you meditate.

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