Financial education is way more important than school education. In school they might teach you how to solve equations, how to read but the situation which you’ll face in real life i.e, after college is what keeps the most importance.

Ever wandered why only 1% of people in the whole world has more than 82% of wealth? Because they have a great financial knowledge. And guess what you too can learn this financial knowledge to get rich.

Below i have listed 7 main things that can lead you to the smart way of becoming rich!




#1. Using gadgets for long

Ask any rich person, they all will tell you why they don’t have a TV in their house or office. They knew every TV show, apps, social networks are there to generate their own income & there’s no benefit for them in it.

But these doesn’t mean gadgets are useless. Gadgets can be really useful but only if used in the right way. There’s no benefit of spending your day chatting to someone or watching shows, instead utilize that time in learning something.

A rich person reads an average of 18 books a years. So, that’s what  you can also do in your free time. Remember, the more knowledge you gain, the more money you’ll attract…



#2. Ignore negative aspects of anything


Once you had a loss in your business or anything, there’s nothing to do with it. There is no need of punishing yourself for 3-4 days being in depression.

Look, what happened is gone. Not you, not me or anybody else in this world can change it.

Therefore, instead of feeling bad about it, take it as a lesson & forget about it. Don’t waste your precious time thinking about it. Because that’s  what a rich person believes.

Do you know Donald Trump has gone bankrupted for more than 5 times but regained his initial stage of wealth & earned even greater than ever. He was able to accomplish that because he knew the importance of this point.



#3. Hesitating to learn from mistakes


As in last point we talked about ignoring negative aspects, now it’s time we not let them go waste. Means now we will talk to learn from them.

There’s one  saying, ‘You can’t grow rich until you face failures’. Failures are like building blocks of every success story standing upon which a person reaches sky touching richness.

The more you make them, the more you’ll be capable of becoming rich. But this is true only when you don’t make the same mistake over & over again & not learn from them.

It should be like once you done a mistake, make sure it don’t trouble you again!



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#4. Irresponsibility


Are you above 24 & still rely on your parents income, chances are you’re irresponsible. Don’t take it as a insult, it’s a lesson because at this age or after it if you start earning, you can get rich but probably when you passed your 40’s or 50’s when it will be of no use.

The more early you start, the more quickly you’ll gain wealth. And that’s what most of nowadays billionaires do.

They start at about 14-15 & become a millionaire at 24. You don’t have to worry about it, its never too late to begin. Start right off & enjoy your success in your early age when you can enjoy your life to the fullest not when you’ll be a grandpa or grandma.



#5. Hanging around negative people


Just look around the kind of peoples you spend your time with. There will not be much difference in your & their financial status. Why it is so?

Because your mentality has been set to that level of financial knowledge around whom you spend your time. If you spend time with someone who is at a way higher position than you in terms of wealth & knowledge.

You’ll see after some time that you have also been able to gather that amount of wealth & knowledge. Because this time your mentality was at a way higher level of financial knowledge.

You can spend your time with your gang having fun or can make billionaires your best friend by reading their books. It’s totally on you!


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#6. Depending on others


Same what i said earlier, don’t rely on your parent’s income. Rich people themselves find their way to success, they don’t ask their parents for a help. They too are human beings like us. So, we too can do the same.

Look around yourself in your free time, keep your brain active, you should have a different way of seeing the world.

Find values in everything. Because for becoming rich you have to be successful, for becoming successful you have to create values. People will never give you a penny for a stuff that’s of no value to them.


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#7. Stop spending on liabilities


There can be two ways of spending your money, first is spending on assets. In it when you spend your money, money works for you & multiplies your invested amount. Example of assets are real estate, stocks, bonds, mutual funds etc.

Second are liabilities, this are the things which give no returns on your invested money. It can be anything- a phone, clothes, house etc. So, invest your money wisely.

Don’t get yourself a big house & a sports car soon as you start earning. Reinvest the money in some mutual funds, real estate or anything that can multiply your money.





You know getting rich is difficult & that’s why most of them out there are not but you can be! You just have to pay your hard work for it. Follow these 7 points listed above & you’ll start to see the results soon.


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