Jealous of those couples around you this valentine? I think you should not be. I agree, it’s hard to be single in this cruel world but trust me you can enjoy much greater then your limits even if you are single. I don’t know why people believe valentine’s day is only for couples. The day is about loving your loved one’s, it can be your pet, friend or even you.

There are infinite fun things you can do solo to make the day to remember for good. Here are some of the ways.

#1. Be positive & flirt with a guy or girl you’re interest in

Go find a company guys, don’t be afraid to flirt. Valentine’s day is all about it, everyone wants some attention so go for it. But remember if you are in a group, then talk to everyone and not just the girl you want to wind up with at the end of the night. Also, know whether the person you are flirting with is in a relation or not? If he/she is already with someone it’s not a good idea to flirt with them.

#2. Have a perfect night out with your friends

I think there’s no way better than hanging out with our friends. Friends make everything better. It is something else spending time with our besties. Go for a bar or some place you & your friends haven’t been before, you’ll definitely end up with some great memories.


#3. Plan a unique getaway to an amazing destination

Go to a new place where no one knows you, get your awesome music with you to enjoy the ride to the destination. Get some more of your single friends with you, that will make the trip more interesting. Meet with strangers, there might be a ton of amazing singles looking for a valentine so who knows…


#4. Stay at home & have fun moments with your pet

Do you know your pet will be the most loyal & trust worthy individual at this time. So, why not spend some quality time with them. Watch movies you wanna watch for a long while, go for a walk, enjoy dancing. It could be anything that makes you happy, but something that will create a memory.

#5. Relax yourself at favorite spa

Give yourself some ‘Me-Time’ relaxing in a spa having a pedicure/manicure. Hey, don’t read this article as a list of things you tend to do, here by going to spa i mean giving some relaxing time to your body. You are CEO of your own life you can also do something else that makes you relaxed.

Last words:

True, relationship is a feeling beyond words. Everyone desires it & you will definitely get some of it in your lifetime. But can’t you love yourself instead of loving someone else this valentine?

Well, i’m single this time & going to live this day to the fullest i can. Tell me what interesting you gonna doing this valentine?

Thanks for reading…

Gift yourself some gifts…


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