It is not a bad thing if your mind keeps wandering off during meetings or job, as per research from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. Daydreaming at the job or at home is a sign that you are creative and smart.

Those who are daydreamer more often scored higher on creative ability, intellect & had high efficient brain systems measured in the MRI machine.







Daydreaming activates parts of the brain responsible for creativity. “Mind wandering seems to be very useful for planning and creative thought,” states Dr. Jonathan Scholer, professor of psychology at the University of California Santa Barbara.

“It seems that allowing people an incubation period in which to let their minds wander, really helps the creative process.”

When we daydream, we encourage our brains to engage in the same mental process.   Those “Aha!” moments and spontaneous insights are more likely to happen when our minds are wandering.








Other research supports many benefits of daydreaming. Daydreaming can increase social and emotional intelligence.

We can release troublesome emotions safely in our imaginary world rather than in the real one, where the consequences would be problematic.

And in our imagination we can rehearse social interactions, leading to greater intimacy and more mature relationships.





So, start daydreaming because:



“Dreaming Is Believing”




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