Do you love having them? Well, I completely do & I think you too love those small horizontal escapes!

There have been many studies on whether taking naps are beneficial or not & in many of them it has been proved beneficial. But do it really helps you in any way or is just a pleasure to your idle side!

Look, naps works pretty well for you if used in proper way. Ya they truly works & has some kick-ass benefits.

And in this article, we will go through some of it’s most amazing benefits




#1. Can help boost your memory


So does it mean the more you sleep, the more intelligent you become! Well, I don’t think it to be true otherwise there have been many Einsteins out there!

But ya having a few naps can really enhance your memory. Studies show naps facilitate the transformation of recent experiences into long-term, stable memories.

And how does our brain do such magic?

Okay, it has been founded that the autonomic nervous system, which is responsible for control of bodily functions such as breathing, heartbeat plays a role in promoting memory consolidation i.e, the process of converting information from short-term to long-term memory.

Great nah, so remember next time when you have something important you want to stick in your brain, just memorize it & have a nap!





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#2. Laziest form of stress management


I completely agree to this, whenever you’re feeling low or have any stress, just have a nap & see the magic. It really works great!
Taking a short period of just ‘you-time’ and relaxing helps your body recover from any stressful state.

Even a small 10 minute nap can put your stress level down to an amazing extent.

Research shows a great improvement in productivity & wellness by a normal 20-30 minutes of afternoon naps.

And that’s why places like Korea, Japan already has scheduled a proper afternoon nap rule for their workers.




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#3. Helps you stay Healthy & Disease resistant


Yes, power naps are really powerful! They have been shown to reduce blood pressure and less damage from high blood pressure in their arteries and heart.

Also it’s been discovered that lack of sleep actually damages cells – and is particularly harsh on cells in the liver, lungs, and small intestine.

So, it can also prevent you from risk of several diseases as they prevent cell damage!

If you’re a guy, here’s another, it boosts your testosterone level. All in all, it covers many essential elements that can help you stay fit & disease resistant.




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#4. Helps prevent dementia


As i said earlier, naps can help you perform better in terms of memory but it’s other benefit to brain is that it can prevent your brain from ageing to some extent.

Since sleep has already been proved to be a great weapon to fight Alzheimer’s, there are studies which now shows naps to be a powerful way to prevent brain ageing.

But as nothing in excess can be good, so extra naps or long naps can lead to further faster brain ageing.

You have to be consistent on your naps, careful that you don’t have it too long I.e, more than 60-90 minutes.

So, keeping this in mind you can definitely reap some great benefits for your brain.





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#5. Provides you a laser focus


Maybe years before naps has a bad-for-you image, but today’s it has become a great thing to do to have a laser focus attention.

Take it this way, imagine you have a meeting this afternoon & there’s an hour left. You’re free to do anything!

So what can serve you well, taking a nap to washout all nonsense out of your brain or spend this time doing something else?

Of course, taking a nap will be great. It will revitalize your energy, clean all nonsense from your head & thus end up providing you a laser focus concentration.





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Naps may not be as effective as a 6-8 hours of sleep but it definitely holds some great advantage.

And as now you know them, don’t miss out on taking its full advantage!


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