When it comes to understanding them & knowing What Women Want From Men, it’s a bit tricky! We see a lot of frustration about how women say they want to be treated equal but then insist on being approached.. instead of them doing the approaching.

Whether women WANT to be treated EXACTLY the same or not.. their GENES say.. “If I see that a guy has the balls to come up to me and not act like a scared rabbit. that shows he has confidence“.

Below are some of the things or qualities women want in their man based on numerous studies!





#1. Gifts giving quality for sure



Everyone love surprise gifts! Imagine how nice you would feel if your significant other gave you a gift for absolutely no reason!

And if you are one of those people who like giving presents more than receiving them that’s gonna be even better for you.






#2. Protective nature



A woman’s instinct to feel protected by her man isn’t about our long forgotten “caveman days” or some other obscure evolutionary theory like that!

Small things like stop her from stepping into puddles, protect her against splashing cars by walking on the outside of the sidewalk can be the key to winning a girl’s heart.

It says that the man who’s not too lazy to get out of the car to open the car door for his lady is, at the least, attentive and well-mannered. It says that it’s important for him to know that his girlfriend feels safe and comfortable.






#3. Affection



Studies show that girls love when their significant others kiss them on the forehead. It’s also a pretty hot topic in women’s forums: reports say that forehead kisses make ladies feel cared for, loved, respected and protected.

Random hugs & kisses are some of the feelings that rank pretty high on the “what I want to feel when l’m getting kissed” list for women.






#4. Pampering



They love it when their man treat them like a queen. Any man who knows how to pamper a lady with words and actions would easily win her heart.

Yes, a woman can put on her coat all by herself. It’s not a question of ability. But a true gentleman can hold out the coat for her.

Imagine what a girl feels when a man saves the last bite of his meal for her! It means that he cares for her enough to part with those last fries he loves so much, or with this juicy steak, you made for him. That’s a sign of true love right there!
Women love being the center of a man’s world; they love it when it’s just them alone and no one else. Make her feel this way by pampering her.






#5. Family guy



What Women Want From Men? A man who she can take to meet her parents confidently!

If the “meet my parents” moment has already happened, and the man is more interested in spending some weekend time with his girlfriend’s family rather than watching football with his friends and colleagues – well, many ladies will consider such a man “the one.”






#6. Proud of her




A true gentleman knows for sure that if he fails to introduce his lady when he meets a friend and decides to have a chat with him, his girl will feel unwanted.

An attentive man won’t let such a situation happen as he cares about his lady and needs to know if she feels comfortable or not.



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