Online shopping has made our life so convenient nah! We save so much money shopping online without giving extra to those third party retailers. We even don’t have to go out of our houses, we get it at our door free of cost.

But you know what, you can get a much better deal on these online shopping stores if you follow a few simple tips. You can get the same thing of better quality at lower price.

Here is a short article with 3 simple tips you can follow to save more money during online shopping:


#1. Decide smartly what you wanna buy


You might say, ‘What’s new, its obvious i’ll first decide what i wanna buy’. But my friend by that i mean, choose the best product in your price range.

For example, if you’re going for a smartphone & your budget is around 30k then find the best phone available at this price.

Don’t just rely on 1 site, have a look at all of them & crack the best deal! Search it on google, visit various sites to pick the best ones. Once you have got the best one out there, now it’s time to get the best deal. And for that, you have to now search for different deal of your phone on different online shopping stores.

Check the price on every site, compare & find which is serving the best deal!




#2. Look for cashback & discounts


The second way to save money is really simple. You know in order to be more preferable &  provide a friendly service for their own good, different banks give different offers on online shopping from time to time.

You just have to find the best bank associated with these online shopping stores. One who has been with them for a while & gives best discounts. Once you got the right bank, you can now open an account in that bank & receive discounts on every purchase.

You can also save some more by paying via debit or credit card. This online shopping sites give a additional discount if you pay them via it. So, don’t miss out on it.





#3. Check if delivery is free or if there is a cost


It’s the most common & biggest mistake people usually make. In the excitement of purchasing their favorite stuff they forget about the shipping charge & end up paying way more than usual.

You may have notice on different online shopping site that a specific product is being sell by different sellers. And that’s where your benefit lies!

Due to competition some are there to deliver it for free, you have to buy your stuff from that seller & you will get your product shipped free.


These are some simple tricks you can use to save some more money for yourself while shopping online!


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