So… The exam month is on, how are you feeling. Ok, bad time passes so don’t worry about it. Actually it’s not a bad time at all.

After reading this article your way of thinking about the exams will definitely change & you will be able to ace any exam, ya that means any exam. So, let’s not waste time as you don’t have much & move straightly to the point.

Here’s some real simple tips you can follow to kick that test right on the mark.




#1. Never miss end classes of the session

Bunking classes is cool nah, personally i too have done it a lot. But it’s not so cool if you want to get good grades. Look, i am not telling you to attend every class, you can leave classes that you don’t find necessary. Instead utilize that time on something worth reading.

It’s called smart study, in every class you can find many who use to study even in breaks but do they top the tests. No, that means  it’s not the right way to study, you may have noticed that your class topper don’t keep their heads in the book all time. They apply the same pattern i told you.

Try it out, you’ll definitely see the improvement…




#2. Manage your time in a proper way

As i said earlier, don’t give your time to a topic that has a chance to come in exam, go for topics that you know will definitely come in exam. You can find the best topics from a blue print. A blue print is a chart that shows how many questions from a specific topic has appeared over 5-10 years.

Don’t go too far like 5 yrs back, look for topics that has high rating over past 2-3 years.




#3. Take time to learn new techniques to learn

Develop your own time table to study. It doesn’t matter how long you study, what matter is how deeply you study.

Choose a time when you think you can concentrate the most. Develop a fixed sleep routine, this will help you maintain & utilize most of the day.


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#4. Develop a unique study plan that suits you

Have you heard of pomodoro. It’s a kind of timer, you can easily find it on app store. The logic behind it is you set it for 30 min & focus totally on a work you’re doing & in this case it’s your study. You will be amazed by the longitivity of time you’ll have while using it.

When we do any work knowing we have only a limited amount of time, our brain works faster!

The same will happen to you, set a single 30 min pomodoro for a specific topic or some more if the topic is a bit long. Every time you go for study set it along with a topic, you’ll end-up clearing topics thrice faster than your ordinary study pattern.



#5. Develop effective note-making techniques

In end classes copy every single word told by your professor or teacher as it’s a valuable knowledge you get at the end of session, get home & cut the excess things with a pencil leaving only the major parts.

You don’t have to fill your brain with all that non-sense stuffs. You now know how to study smart, so go for it.

#6. Set your goals

What grade you want to obtain in that specific test, Think about it, write it on a paper & keep it somewhere you see every time example bathroom or mirror. How can you expect to get a grade untill you tell it to your brain.

Give your brain a reason to study, a milestone that will keep it motivated for the test.


Quit these 4 things immediately to be sure successful!

#7. Put a self test before exam

It’s the last step before you accomplish your milestone. Keep a way harder test for yourself that the one you gonna meet. This will give you a real time exam experience & will help you know all the flaws which you can then put efforts on.

Don’t take exam as a burden or conflict, look it as a opportunity to prove yourself better & be a better version of yourself.

Lastly, i wanna remind you for having a great exam you must have a great health. So, don’t miss out on it. Kick that test right out following this few tips i have listed, & don’t miss out on enjoying to the fullest after  the exam.

“Any Exam Is That Difficult How You See It, Remember You’re Good Enough To Face Any Exam In Your Life”



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Thanks for reading…




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