Rohit Sahu is a professional lifestyle blogger & CEO of Softiview. Rohit likes to make cool and trendy lifestyle posts that are definitely worth reading and will change your life completely…



Rohit’s motive behind this blog is to give soft ( Easy to read) but extremely effective views and that’s why it is named Softiview.

The posts are easy to understand and apply by reading which anyone can groom themselves and become a better person in life.

So here’s a lifestyle blog you will never forget not only because it will help you groom yourself but also it’s fun reading them. I bet you if you go through any post you can’t resist yourself to check new posts daily. So go for it, it’s all yours.







♦  He is a citizen of land of diversity and home of more than 100 languages- INDIA.

♦  Apart from blogging his other hobby is reading books. He believes you can live a thousand life if you read thousand books.

♦ He also had an experience of business as his father is a businessman.

                   ♦ He believes in playing with life rather than living it.

♦ His love for chickens is so great that he can’t stop eating them.           


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