Many says living a long life is genetic & not all can climb that 100. It’s wrong. The real secret to live long is to lead a disciplined life. Your genes only have a 10 percent influence on how long you’ll live, rest depends on your lifestyle.

My grandma lived for 87 yrs, when she past she was still healthy enough. She use to tell me things that gifted her a long healthy life.

Based of her tips i prepared this article which i think will be really useful for you to live the same or much longer life than my grandma did. Here it is, if you do this daily you gonna get it:

 1 session of exercise

Your body needs regular maintainance & for that exercise is must.

2 hours of no phone before bed

Your phone continuously emits radiations. It’s better to leave your phone 2 hours prior to bed because when you sleep your body gets a recharge and this usage of phone can slow it.




3 meals & 3 snacks

Meal fulfills your health & snack fulfills your taste but remember with meal snacks too should be healthy.


4 breaks of stretching & mental exercise

It revitalized & increases ATP consumption of muscles & make them even stronger than before.



5 servings of fruit & veggies

It completely detox your body. Moreover it fulfills all essential vitamins, minerals & protein requirements of your body.




 6 minutes of meditation

Nothing can be more satisfying than a meditation. Ask people who do it. It gives you immense pleasure & satisfaction. If you wanna be happy forever it’s the key.

7 glasses of water

It’s the first dietary requirement of your body. The more water you consume the more healthy your skin becomes which prevents pre-ageing signs like wrinkles, fine lines etc.




 8 hours of sleep

As i said earlier at night your body gets recharged. So, it’s essential to get a satisfying sleep.




 9 thousand steps a day

It keeps your BMI under control and helps you stay fit. And you know with a fit body you can live much longer.

Maybe last one has got a bit far, but you can manage it as per your ability.

To climb that 100, focus on what you can do, from living on fruits and veggies, working out five days a week, and cutting down on stress.



“May You Live As Long As You Wish & Love As Long As You Live”




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