In today’s time parental guidance is at risk of being trumped by the smartphone unless we take an action against it for the betterment of our children.

Sure, Technology has done a lot to make our lives easier and more efficient. But at a time when it is becoming a trend for kids to have their own mobile device, shouldn’t you be worried about what negative impact a smartphone could have on your child’s growth?





#1. It affects the parent-child relationship



Since children are still passing through their growth period, you need to establish your relationship with them instead of handing over a smartphone to pass their time.

Even while smartphones can be convenient, they alter the bonding between you & your child. The connectivity attached with smartphone use cannot be same as the genuine connection which the parent & child are meant to have.




#2. It alters their creative minds



With easy access through a smartphone to a majority of their play, kids now have a platform to be bombarded with exciting games.

They can play virtual football on their small screen which in their opinion is a great way to pass their time. It makes them lazy & game addicted.

Also, these games limit their creative minds & imagination which slow down their motor & optical sensory development.




#3. It leads to less sleep



Your child needs to be getting plenty of sleep & have his brain rested for the next day’s activities. But a smartphone will certainly wouldn’t allow them to attain that!

We all know how addicted we’re to these social platforms, just imagine how will it affect your child. The urge of checking likes & comments on the photos they shared yesterday will not let them have a proper sleep at night.

As per a research, a smartphone in the bedroom can bring about significantly less sleep, later bedtimes & more fatigue.




#4. It don’t give kids the time to learn about the consequences of their actions




Imagine a condition where your kid is having a conversation on a chat site & things go wrong, “I wish you lose your life” is uttered by someone. What will your child say next?

Even if your child is perfectly nice he/she can spontaneously react to it saying, “I wish you lose your life too”. With a smartphone things happen fast.

This happened because the child is not offered the opportunity to reflect on the impact & negativity of their actions.




#5. It impedes their ability to learn



The use of interactive screen time on such devices could also affect their development of the skills needed for maths & science.

According to researchers, a smartphone is detrimental to a child’s socio-economic development as it diverts a child’s attention.




#6. It causes an addiction



It would not be wrong to say that for a while children plays with smartphone & afterwards smartphone plays with them! This is a king of addiction that engages their minds & captivates them for a long time, even to adulthood.

It jeopardizes the child’s overall development. Therefore, by engaging them in so many activities, a smartphone could become a source for an addiction.




#7. It causes obesity



With a smartphone where your child can stay busy for hours without moving an inch is pretty problematic for them. Such technology overuse is now a factor causing obesity.

Also, too much time spent on smartphone affects your child’s physical health.




#8. It causes behavioral problems




Spending just 2 hours daily with smartphone is enough to cause emotional & social problems. According, exposure to games available on smartphones also links children to an increased risk of attention problems.




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