Do you still believe carrots can help regain your eyesight back to normal or some more myths like this? Well, if it is so i think you should think twice about it!

Look, you don’t have to believe in all of those. You have the right to know the truth about these sort of myths.

You should know which of them are genuine & which are not!

And that’s why today we will cover 8 food myths & also get access to the fact whether they hold some truth or not!



#1. Oil unsticks food


Adding oil to your food will not help in unsticking it, rather it will make your food slippery. And with that spices can run out of it more easily. Thus you can end up ruining the taste your food.

Also with that you are doing harm to your body adding a bunch of extra calories!


Myth or Fact: 




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#2. Gum digests over years

How many time have you accidentally swollen bubble gums? Well, I have been through it many times, but do it really takes 7 years to digest gum?

Sure, it’s difficult to digest but that doesn’t mean it takes 7 years. Since it’s difficult to digest so our body don’t try to digest it at all!

It passes through the digestive system at the same rate as other does & is spitted out the next day itself!


Myth or Fact:









#3. Boiling water freezes first



Some physicists believe hot water evaporates faster! So if you start with equal masses of hot and cold water, soon there will be less of the warm water remaining. Hence it would freeze more faster than the cold water because the lesser the mass, the shorter the freezing span will be.

While some says it could be due to the fact that hot water melts the ice under the bottom of dish, leading to a better thermal contact when it refreezes.”

Whatever may be the reason the fact is it’s true!


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#4. Carrot improves vision



Ya, carrots are rich in beta carotene, which is converted into a form of vitamin A called “retinal,” by our body. It’s a key molecule involved in maintaining normal vision. But do this mean you can regain your eyesight back eating a lot of them?

The thing is carrot can surely help you regain your eyesight but only if it’s due to your Vitamin A deficiency!

If you’re dealing a eyesight disorder, then it’s certainly of no benefit how much you eat them.



Myth or Fact:

Fact but only in some cases!



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#5. Spicy food causes ulcers



At first it may sound like a true statement but  do it really hold some truth?

We have been told over years eating spicy or acidic foods causes stomach ulcers. Also many doctors earlier believed spicy food as the victim for ulcers. But the fact is there’s a bacterium called Helicobacter pylori that causes ulcers.

Spicy food has nothing to do with it. And if you feel a burning pain in your stomach after eating spicy food, chances are you might just be sensitive to one of the ingredients or you’re dealing a heartburn.


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#6. Dairy builds up mucus



The myth that milk helps make saliva thick & builds up mucus has been around for centuries, but its no longer can trouble peoples.

Based on certain experiment in which various volunteer participated, it was found that there was no relation between intake of milk & secretion of more mucus!

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#7. Alcohol kills brain cell



Yes, alcohol is capable of killing your brain cells but if it’s a pure one. It will absolutely kill brain cells and many other types of cells, which is why it is used as a disinfectant.

But the drinkable alcohol which you get from market is a diluted one! So much diluted that it’s not capable of leaving any harm on your brain cells!

So, sure alcohol has some bad & good effect on your brain but it has nothing to do with brain cell dying!


Myth or Fact:




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#8. Red wine is good for health




In West, it’s a culture to drink red wine! Many love it, some hate & some have no idea about it.

Since they are made of grapes & berries, they got a rich source of Resveratrol. It has many health benefits.

It may boost your heart’s health, protect against some kinds of cancer, and prevent some types of vision loss too.

Well, it’s true nothing in excess can be good for health but we can’t deny the fact that red wine really is good for health! You can have a few glasses of it every week to boost your health.


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