Throughout your lifetime you are likely to meet people from all walks of life. If you want the people you meet to see your best side & remember you, you will have to act fast and make sure you start out on the right foot. 

People often strive to create just the right first impression for the moment, imagine you are sitting along with a bunch of people competiting for a job, in that case you may only have a few seconds in the presence of another person to make that first, lasting impression.

Your body language can tell a lot about you even before you introduce yourself. It can easily show how you really feel and what you really think. So it is important to be cognizant of how your body reacts in different situations such as when you are nervous or even over-confident.

And today we will have a short but effective session covering all the essential element you should keep in mind to blow peoples mind in the very first minutes.


#1. Take it easy attitude

Just relax, chill out, and don’t over analyze everything!

Walk slowly and calmly, just take a few deeper breaths, and remind yourself that impressing someone else starts with impressing yourself, and the quickest & most effective way to impress yourself is to just be yourself.

#2. Show your sense of humor

Incorporate some humor in your conversation. Even if you are not a natural comedian, try to keep the conversation light and laugh and smile where appropriate.




#3. Be positive

Greeting new people with a genuine smile is a great start. People love all those persons who can remain positive in every tough situation.



#4. Find common ground

Listen intently on what the other person is saying.  The more you listen, the more they’ll keep talking and eventually you’ll find something in common. 

Make sure your words, your tone of voice, and your body language are all saying the same thing.


#5. Be unique

Find a personal style that represents who you are and the message you want to send about yourself. Be unique. You’re the one and that’s why you will win.



#6. Ask questions

Questions shows that  you are really interested in their wants. So, be interested and open-minded, ask questions that spark their imagination and ignite conversation.



#7. Keep an open body language

Keep your legs slightly apart, so you take up more space. This also demonstrates self-confidence. Lean in slightly when a person is speaking to show interest. This are some of open body languages.




One last thing, people like to be remembered, so make every attempt to remember a person’s name and use it throughout the conversation. Research some easy memory techniques to help you match up names and faces.

just remember to be yourself and concentrate on the people around you.

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