The male mind is a mystery, and cracking a way to this is not that hard for sure. Sure, women are way better at expressing their innermost thoughts, desires, and feelings than men are. But that doesn’t mean men aren’t overflowing with thoughts, desires, and feelings.

It’s just that, they don’t let this feelings & desires come across anyone. If you want to know the things men wants women to know without even uttering a word, read this article till the end!





#1. Men want women to know, we want you to compliment us




Well, the myth that men thought to be islands of self-esteem with no need for outside feedback is busted now!

In a recent study done with a bunch of men about what they want from ladies other than sex has a surprising number of the comments that, men wish women knew how much they want to be complimented.





7 Heart Stopper Compliments To Rule Peoples!

#2. Men want women to know, not answering doesn’t mean not caring



Women will blame it on men, saying they’re not interesting, they’re not pretty, and are not fun to talk to.

But why don’t women see it the other way, maybe he is frustrated about something happened an hour ago or about any financial issues. It would be rather good to support or ask him kindly about the matter other than being rude or fight.





#3. Men wants their ladies to know how much they love them




Men and women express their feelings differently. While a woman is expecting an avalanche of love confessions, a man is gently brushing a strand of hair out of her eyes.

Men just don’t feel right being in their emotional state & that’s the reason why they don’t openly confess their love for women. But they show certain signs to show love though.
It could be keeping his arm around you, hugging you randomly, or cuddling up on the couch.





#4. Men loves seeing women without makeup




Makeup is woman’s way of having a higher mate value than she actually does. The male version of this is faking the reality!

Okay, this doesn’t mean ladies should completely cut on it, little touch-ups like a lipstick with mascara can be great but overdoing it can be a mistake.

Except for special occasions, men generally prefer the “natural look.”






#5. Men wants women to know that just because they’re uncomfortable around woman’s family doesn’t mean they hate them




Relationships may be kick-started by personal pleasure, but they’re very much about teamwork. If a boyfriend isn’t open to his girl’s parents doesn’t mean he hates them or don’t value them.

As guys we feel a bit nervous around our girlfriend parents & it’s absolutely normal. We need time to open up so let us feel comfortable.






#6. Men want women to know, needing alone time doesn’t mean he hates you





Alone time is something that we should all make room for. It’s in my opinion the most underrated thing in a relationship & also a cause of separation.

The thing that happens is, many times there’s a person in relationship who needs more alone time than the other, this leads to the thinking that the person don’t wanna be with the other person anymore which can be absolutely non-sense. Maybe, he/she just want some peace or relaxation.

That’s why having some extra alone time has nothing wrong with it!






#7. Men want women to know, they can make the first move




Let me tell you, A woman who approaches a man stands out, and we can determine a few things about her. We make a instant image of her being confident, spontaneous, brave, outgoing, direct and a person who thinks outside the box.

Men want to take some of the pressure off of themselves for once, not having to worry about making the first call, text, hangout or date arrangement.




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