And by that healthy life i don’t mean only physical health but overall emotional, physiological, physical & social health.

Do you know why earlier peoples don’t face much diabetes, hypertension, & heart diseases but today every 1-2 out of 100 are having it? Why people in old time live their lives happily & people today live their lives in stress?

The thing that made this large difference is only a few lifestyle changes. A few healthy lifestyle tips that can go a long way in improving your overall health and mental well-being.

Simply try to implement this 7 Sutras in your system to live a GREAT LIFE!


#1. Stop being angry & learn to laugh heartily



Imagine you are dealing with a person & suddenly he starts arguing with you, what would you do?

If you are thinking of showing your anger, you can be wrong! It will instead make the condition turn worst. But on the other hand if you keep smiling, accepting his point & telling him your point of view happily, he will definitely get convinced!

The reason behind this is, from past it is considered that a man with a happy face is always right & that with a angry one is always wrong. That’s the power of smiling. Also it don’t cost you or is it?

So, why not take full advantage of this powerful weapon.





#2. Worry less, sleep more



Do you know, a person can live without food for weeks but can’t live without sleep for more than 11 days. I don’t know how can peoples think that they can work more effectively if they work on night shifts.

Instead this can cause further delay in their overall work & on the other hand also affects their health.

You just can’t imagine the amount of work your brain does every sec. From maintaining your blood pressure, your heart rate, fighting millions of viruses at a time & none the less keeping you alive.

Doing such things your brain & body well deserves that 6 hours of undisturbed sleep. So, don’t miss out at giving it that.

Developing a fixed sleep routine in which you sleep & wake up at the same time everyday can be a gift for your body. You will be amazed by the productivity you gain by it. So, worry less, sleep more.



What Happens If You Don’t Get Enough Sleep!



#3. Have less alcohol & more tea



Compared to the benefit of drinking alcohol, its disadvantages are like comparing a glass of water with a sea.

No doubt drinking alcohol can be less harmful if consumed 1-2 times in small amounts a month. But why harm our body in any way though, rather you can go for tea & that too green or black tea not milk tea.

This might seem shocking but this tea has a immense power dealing with some of those deadliest diseases out there. It keeps your body detoxed & also will save your lot of money that you were going to invest in that alcohol cans. So, have less or no alcohol but have tea definitely.

Give up on alcohol, Check this out!!




#4. Drive less, walk more



Okay, you don’t have to go to office on foot. I am talking about avoiding car or vehicles while going somewhere near. Just like machines needs to be kept moving so that they don’t breakdown. Similarly, your body also need  to be kept moving.

Wake up early any morning & get to your nearest park you’ll find a lot of peoples walking, why are they doing it?

Because they know the amazing benefits it offers in long term. It keeps your joints moving freely, helps you stay healthy, keeps you far from obesity which is the root of every problem. So, drive less, walk more.



9 Simple Steps To Live For 100-years




#5. Drink less cold drink, soda & have more water



When you feel thirsty at a bar or restaurant don’t go for that cola or soda, water can be a way better option to satisfy your thirst. Its truely make no sense wasting your money on that useless drink which can play a side-role in making you weak over a long time.

On one side water helps in supplying essential nutrients to different parts of your body, in making blood, keeping your skin moist & regulates tons of different body functions.

While on the other hand cold drinks just tastes a little sugary but increases your blood sugar level, disturbs your digestive  process & deposit harmful particles in your body.

It’s on you what you choose to drink!



5 Amazing Benefits Of Drinking Hot Water!

#6. Consume less sugar & more fruits



If you think sugar is obtained from sugarcane, you’re right. So, is it safe to eat sugar?

No! It is made from sugarcane but after adding some more sweeteners that are really harmful. A recent study shows that sugar is kind of similar to cocaine. The only difference is cocaine harms quickly & sugar over a period of time.

A little sugar can do no harm but having 3-4 spoons of it can be harmful in long run. If sweetness is all you need then why don’t go for fruits. Eat as many as you can, it don’t leaves any harm instead makes you more healthy.

#7. Words don’t speak, your action speaks



The first thing, people don’t give a damn what you say, so there’s no need to let them know what you’re doing. When your work will be accomplished it will automatically spread like fire all over.

What do you think will happen, if you tell people you’re going to start a big industry, they will laugh of course, but what if you achieved that without letting them know about it. Will they laugh? No, rather they’ll respect you & see you as their idol.


Simple Reasons Why You Are Still Failing At Your Success?

So, how was it, are you ready to give up your bad habits to to live that great healthy life? Well, maybe you can be tempting to “do it later,” but all too easily we find that later never comes.

Until you purely need anything, you can’t get it. Similarly, if you want this change in your life you’ll automatically adopt it.

Remind yourself why this is important for you and consider how things might be different when you have implemented it in your life.  Sometimes simply taking an initial step can increase our commitment to the goal.


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