Apart from being the largest organ of our body, liver also got some crucial roles to play! It is responsible for a ton of functioning essential to keep us alive.

Keeping this in mind, it’s essential to take proper care of it if you wanna be healthy in a long run.

The good news is you can easily trace any signs of liver damage & can also stop the damage.

Below are the 6 easy to trace signs of liver damage due to unhealthy lifestyle







#1. Bloody stool poop



Cirrhosis is a condition in which scarring of liver takes place. Well, as you may know our body has the ability to replace harmed cells by healthy one so in this case also our body helps replace scar tissue by healthy tissue and thus prevents the liver damage.

But this protection is only upto a limit! The damage caused by cirrhosis can’t be completely reversed and in long term can become so extensive that your liver can stop functioning. This is called liver failure.

The early symptoms of cirrhosis can be determined by many ways like jaundice or oedema. But the most easy is by stool characteristics.

A bloody, dark, tarry-looking stools is a sign of liver cirrhosis. So if you are seeing this you have to be careful but don’t worry it can be prevented.

Cirrhosis occurs due to excessive alcohol consumption & sometimes due to hepatitis C infection.

If you’re a alcohol addict you have to focus on the amount you consume. Men should drink no more than 3-4 units of alcohol a day. Women should drink no more than 2-3 units a day.

Following this you can deal with cirrhosis quite easily but if ignored can cause liver failure which is worst!






#2. Itchy skin




A flaky rash is another telltale sign of liver damage. If you suffer from any sort of liver damage you will have itchy skin over certain small areas, such as on an arm or leg, or over your whole body.

You may ask, ‘An itchy skin can occur by a ton of ways, how to trace if it’s a signal for liver damage?’

So here’s the thing, if it lasts more than two weeks and doesn’t improve with self-care measures, then you can guess it as a symptom of liver damage!

The reason for this itching is related to bile salts. These salts get deposited in your skin when bilirubin levels rise and have been thought to be the primary cause of itching.

The quick fix to it is related to alcohol consumption & water intake! Alcohol is a beverage which has a big role in reducing water in our body & in scarcity of water these bile salts gets deposited in skin causing rashes.

So by drinking adequate water & going less on alcohol you can treat itchy skin & get a flawless skin again!





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#3. Yellowish eyes & skin (Jaundice)




Jaundice includes yellowing of skin and eyeballs, actually it’s a bit way dirty disease then it sounds!

The pigment bilirubin responsible for the yellow color of our faeces when gets deposited in our body causes yellowness of skin & eye whites.

Do it sounds dirty, well maybe but the main thing is it’s not good for our health.

Our liver is the source of bilirubin, it produces a limited quantity of it regularly but the thing that leads to jaundice like condition is when it’s not properly eliminated by our body.

The reason is same, water scarcity & excess alcohol consumption & you know what to do!

Just make a habit of drinking 8 ounces of water daily & reducing your alcohol consumption so you’re good to go.

#4. Loss of appetite



There are several factors and conditions that can trigger loss of appetite including physical, biological, mental and emotional factors.

Also I wanna tell you, it’s a symptom of bad health & not a disease! It’s a condition when a person eat less than what he or she normally consumes. The person may also not eat at all lasting anywhere from one meal to several days.

I think we all have suffered this at least once in our lives maybe not due to any liver issues but due to some other cause. And you’ll agree it’s way more bad that what it looks like!

The feeling is indescribable. It is also known as anorexia. The main question here is what causes it & how to deal with it.

As I said earlier, it can be due to any of the physical, biological, mental and emotional factors. But the treatment can be physical therapy or relaxation (Meditation).

It will improve hormone levels leading to improvement in appetite! Relieving internal stress and doing meditation to enhance mood and mental wellness will be amazingly helpful in boosting appetite.






#5. Swelling & abdominal pain



The organs of our abdomen are contained in a sac like membrane called the Peritoneum. Normally this cavity contains only a small amount of fluid but due to our great efforts in drinking alcohol beyond limits, we become able to guide our liver to accumulate some more amount of it!

This condition when the fluid increases in amount causes an excess accumulation of water and sodium in the body.
This fluid then further leak into the peritoneal cavity
 which leads to extra pressure on our abdomen & other body parts causing that pain & swelling.

As every liver related problems can be effectively solved by more water intake & less alcohol consumption, this can also be treated by that!

But if you can also focus on maintaining a healthy weight & eat a balanced diet for excellent results.





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#6. Swelling in other body parts like legs





This swelling in your joints or any other part of body is not different from abdominal one. These are also due to accumulation of extra fluid!

But there’s one thing uncommon. Joint swelling also contains bile salts which makes it more painful.

You can go for regular exercises to avoid accumulation of these salts & can also have healthy diet for proper nourishment of your liver.


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