Do you know what makes you attracted to another person or other person towards you?

Well, the laws of  attraction are actually rooted in science why people who seems “boring” are turn-offs while on the other hand, a person who stands out from the crowd always attracts attention.

We are physically attracted to one another for different factors at the biochemical level via looks, pheromones, and voice pitch. 

So, let’s find out the 6 important things that peoples are most attracted to.


#1. Facial looks

It’s obvious, the first thing we observe in people is their face. It’s no secret that women are more attracted to men with strong jawlines, similarly women with smaller brows, chins and prominent eyes are seen as more fertile.

Don’t be dishearted if you don’t have that star look, it’s just a 20% part of being attractive, it’s value is just for a few minutes of first impression. 80% of attractiveness of the person depends on other factors.

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#2. Being confident & passionate

It’s much more affecting factor than looks. “Body doesn’t matter confidence is the new charm” by that i mean everyday you can probably meet a number of peoples with good looks, it’s pretty common to have it.

But the thing that will makes anyone stand out from the crowd is confidence. The way you carry yourself can make a immense difference in your attractiveness.

So, if you have issues with self confidence, find ways to work on them. Here’s a great thing i have for you to deal with it: 

6 Ways To Boost Your Self-Confidence

#3. Long legs in women & short legs in men

Ya i know it’s a bit difficult to believe, but it does lead to a attractive quotient. Ladies with long legs are tend to be more attractive to guys, this adds extra sexiness to them.

While short legs in men are tend to be more attractive, this makes them look more muscular & manly.

#4. Smiling face

Of the 2 pictures above, which you think is more attractive, obviously the smiling one. It makes no sense talking to anyone seriously, smile don’t cost you so why not keep smiling while talking to anyone

It’s human nature, if you smile at anyone they will probably smile back. You will be amazed by the results you can obtain by just smiling during the conversation. It’s an easy way to win peoples.



#5. Body smell

Anyone can buy great clothes, shoes & rock them out, but the thing that takes it to a whole new level is grooming.

How do you smell defines your personality. No matter what you wear, if you got a great smell you will definitely end up impressing everyone.


#6. Attractive voice

No doubt celebs like brad pitt, katy perry are good looking but the thing that adds such great charm to their aura is their awesome voice.

 A lower voice in men is associated with more testosterone, while a higher voice in women is seen as more stereotypically “feminine.” 

It’s so powerful that even if you don’t see a person, you can become strongly attracted to them from just their voice.

If you’re thinking how can i be attractive, there are some general traits that you can follow to be more attractive. Work on being an independent person with your own values. Keep a positive body language when talking to someone. I have a complete article on How To Be Attractive? If you wanna go through it, check it out below.

6 Easy Tips To Look Attractive Immediately


“Being Attractive Is A Real Smooth Art Of Being Ourselves”


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