Salt or sodium is one of the biggest requirements of our body which is responsible for some really essential process in our body.

It helps regulate the fluid levels in body and keep the blood pressure stable. But when the salt in body raises way higher than its requirements, ends up causing various health issues.

The recommended intake of sodium advised to take is about 2,300 milligrams i.e, (1 tsp) per day. However, it’s estimated that our average daily consumption is closer to 3,400 milligrams of sodium (about 1 and 1/3 tsp).

That’s why today people suffer from more sodium related problems than ever before. Kidney stones are just a single one among the whole long list of problems!

So, you must be aware of your salt intake & to help you out on this, here are 6 easy to trace signs of high salt in your body!




#1. Regular stomach pain



People who intake a lot of salt causes damage to their stomach line. Too much sodium has been linked to stomach ulcers and also cancer in severe cases.

The reason for it is not known till date but some studies suggests that the sodium may disrupt the stomach’s mucus lining that causes such complications.

You will suffer from regular stomach cramps & pain which is due to the release of acidic juices on ulcers & wounds on your mucus lining.

It’s not a big deal, you just have to control your salt intake & within a few days, you’ll be completely fine!





#2. Swollen body parts


More salt in diet is directly related to more water in the system. When the salt is in high quantity, kidney keeps the water quantity high too. This is done as to balance the pH & maintain a healthy nerve conduction in body.

Of course, having a large quantity of water in body is not good as it can have lots of undesirable effects.

This includes edema (swelling in different places in body), more blood in arteries & veins that causes high BP & many more.





#3. High BP



As we talked earlier, when salt is high, water is high too. This leads to more blood to flow in arteries & veins that hikes your BP.

But here’s one thing to get in your head, not drinking enough water in such condition will not be a good idea. This could force the body to draw water out of other cells, making you dehydrated.

The solution is just related to cutting on your salt intake & has nothing to do with water or anything else.

The other problem people on high-sodium diets usually face is they urinate more because of all the excess water. And every time they urinate, body loses calcium, the mineral that makes bones and teeth strong!

Thus, the body loses too much calcium that causes weakening bones and exacerbating osteoporosis.





#4. Headache



Do you face headaches, if it’s due to high sodium concentration in body, cutting down on salt could cut headaches by a third!

The reason related to this is, it lowers blood and pulse pressure thus keeping a optimum blood flow throughout your head that leads to no headaches.

So remember, if you suffer from frequent mild headaches and have no idea what’s causing them, you might just have to reduce your salt intake.

But if cutting down on salt has no effect, its always better to consult your doctor to help you figure out the root cause.




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#5. Feeling thirsty all the time



Sodium acts as a water drawer from cells in our body! Its excessive amount draws water from cells, which fire out signals that stimulate the brain’s thirst center.

The brain tells your body that there’s not enough water to support how much sodium is in your system, so it sends a signal to drink up!

Plus, if you’re a gym lover, some heavy exercises may even lead a salty, sweaty film around your lips during workouts. This is because your body is trying to lose the excess salt from body.






#6. Change in Urine Color



When you consume too much sodium, your kidneys process and excrete the excess through urine production.

Thus, it gives that yellow color to it, it’s the easiest sign to trace whether your salt consumption is in control or not?
When too much water, waste or electrolytes accumulate in the body, urine production increases. The increased urination helps bring the levels back to a normal range.

This means once you cut out on your excess salt consumption, you’ll start to notice the color of urine changes from yellowish to slightly colorless. Because now there’s no excess sodium that your kidney will try to excrete.



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If you face any of this signs, don’t just fully get over salt, it will definitely not be a good idea to avoid salt completely.

Just reduce the quantity! as mentioned earlier, 1 t spoon a day is all you need, so stick to it!




“You Don’t Have To Eat Less, You Just Have To Eat Right”



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