‘I Love You’, the word says much more than they pronounce!

If you are with a girl you think is your soulmate for a long while but still nothing is going to the destiny then I think i got your point.

Here are some cues you can trace to know  if she is giving any signal that she loves you!

Also you can use it your own way to give cues that you’re into her







#1. She fights with you when you tell her flaws




Of course if you tell a stranger, ‘you’re ugly’ they will get angry on you! But this fight that your girl does when you point out her flaws is something else.

Since she is totally into you, she don’t like you pointing out her flaws or you can say she wanna seem perfect to you.

So, don’t be afraid of it, she just love you & don’t wanna deal any flaws that can lead to your less interest in her!






#2. Typical future talks




I don’t have to tell you this, if your girl includes you in her future plans that means she like you. It’s as simple as that!

She will throw some random jokes about her future with you time to time in a fun way which she really mean.

So if she always try to plan outings with you & talks about her future with you, it can be a sign, she’s into you & trying to appeal ‘I love you’.



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#3. She is wholly around while listening you




To her nothing matters more than you. she is always eager to know what you wanna say! It’s like a event for her talking with you.

You can notice it by the way she look at you, though she act like she is listening casually but back in her head she is going nuts.

But this point can lead to either way, maybe she is just a good listener, wanna hear what you trying to say & nothing else.

So, ya it can be a sign but not a sure one!



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#4. She buy you gifts



Gifts on occasion like birthdays or anniversaries can’t be seen as a sign of attraction rather it can be seen as a good behavior!

Random gifts are the deal, if she get you presents most of the time you meet, even if its just a flower! Then chances are your girl wanna show, she loves you!




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#5. Try to look her best



She put new clothes & trendy accessories, play with them to let you notice of it!

It also includes body touching which is the most easy & effective sign to trace that a person is interested in you!

Signs can be like- she corrects her posture or keep changing the placement of her hands. And playing with their hair & touching face is most common.

So look for that, once or twice is normal but often can be a sign she’s yelling inside, ‘I love you’.



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#6. Try to spend more time with you



You find her most of the time around you. But why?

Because she want to! She love sticking by you, your company is a real fun to her. Also she feels proud standing next to you.

She find those non-sense issues to meet you, may it be something she forget at your place, for some assignment talks or anything!

So, if your girl meet you often & don’t leave shortly, this mean she likes your company & you too.



May this signs help you find out whether your girl is in love with you or not!

And if you too love her then the best will be a proposal! If you think your partner likes you & you too like her then what’s the big deal!

Let her know about this otherwise this will go nowhere else. And if you want some help check out the article below for the best proposal tips:




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