Confused whether he loves you or not? Whether he want to be with you for his whole life?

Well, you should be because if we talk about the facts, every 6/10 relationships just occurs due to physical attraction. Only 4/10 leads to further marriage.

So, in order to help you out finding whether he is ready for this or is just being with you for his own cause below i have flashed light on some keys points they’ll show if they’re not interested in you for life.

Here we go:





#1. No talks about future


There’s a huge difference between liking & loving someone. We like many peoples, get in relationship with some of them but there’s only 1 person with whom we fell that connection & are ready to spend the rest of our life.

The point i wanna make is if your partner don’t talk about your relationship’s future, maybe he is not interested in spending the rest f his life with you.

There can be many signs to trace it example- When you talk about your future with him, he get tensed or avoid the conversation. 


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#2. You two don’t argue


Yes, you hear it right. Imagine you are at a bus stop & you see someone smoking, will you tell him not to smoke?

Well, most will not & its pretty obvious because humans are the creatures who fights only with those they love. What if it will be your cousin or brother, will you still take no action? Of course you will because you care for them.

Similarly, if he settle on every argument without much questions, chances are he just want to avoid it. Because he thinks he don’t have to spend his whole life with you so, there’s no need of that argument.

On the  other hand if he loves you, he’ll argue with you not because he don’t love you but because he wants the best for this relationship.


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#3. He may have proposed but there’s no date


As i said, there’s a large difference between liking & loving someone. Maybe he find you attractive & just wanna be in a relationship with you. This also can be wrong if he remains busy with his work.

But if he is free & when you ask him to take you for a date, he refuses. This can be a sign he is not interested in you for long terms. Refusing once or a few times due to some reasons is normal but for many times, it can be a sign.


#4. He is full of excuses


Do he cut the time he use to spend with you earlier, keep giving excuses to avoid you? It’s a most common & important sign that he is trying to get out of this relationship as soon as possible.

Notice his pattern of talking with you. Do he talks with you in the same loving way as he use to do earlier or do it feels like he is just kind of not interested? If it is so, don’t take it for granted! This can be a indication he is not interested in you.


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#5. He hates the idea of marriage


If his behavior changes suddenly when you talk about marriage, it can be a point to notice that he don’t want to take it long.

But being a man i can say that we all love to be with a pretty girl, but with that we’re also a bit of more tilted towards freedom.

We don’t want to get in a marriage early. So, you have to put the point in a fun way, whether he wants to stay with you for life or not. Don’t put the  pressure of marriage on him, just cleverly get it out if you wanna know what he thinks of you.


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#6.  He doesn’t want you to meet his family



Not only family, he will also refuse to meet you with his cousins, relatives & close friends. And you know why he don’t want to? Because maybe he want you to be a secret for a while or forever which none should be aware of!

I can be wrong if he lives in a culture where it’s not appropriate to introduce you to his family & friends. So, this point can be optional if you belong to such culture.


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All the above points are hypothetical & based on what men who are not interested in marriage do in most of the cases. So, it’s not that if you find some points relevant, your partner don’t love you. You can’t  judge his based on a article.

I would recommend, you don’t have to get in all this mess, just ask him directly whether he wants to be with you or not. You’ll get the answer right away.

If it’s a no, my dear you don’t have to waste your time with a person who don’t value you. It’s always better to avoid such relationships.

I just wanna tell you-

“Don’t Give Anyone The Chance To Control You, Respect Yourself. The Devine Forces Has Made You Awesome In Every Aspect, Maybe He Don’t Deserves You”



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