Okay, falling in love is the most amazing feeling in the world, but it’s also one of the scariest. It’s important to know when it’s happening and what’s going on so you can feel comfortable and let yourself go with the feeling. The good news is, there are some easy to trace signs a man is falling in love for you.

You can look for that, every guy shows these signs when they’re in love! And in this article that’s exactly what I’m going to talk about- 6 Signs A Man Is Falling In Love For You!!





#1. Looks at you


The man in love does not know how to express in words what he feels. He simply devotes himself to watching you and observing you as you act without intervening.

It is likely that many times you do not realize that he looks at you because when you look at him, he immediately looks away.





#2. Talks to other people about you



The silent lover talks to other people about the woman he loves. He idolizes her and is pending of what she says and does, although he does not know how to speak to her directly.






#3. Acts shy



One of the best signs a man is falling in love is to trace weather he tends to act shyly with the you! He hesitates talking to you or looking in your eyes.

Now that you know how a man in love acts in silence, do not hesitate to start observing around you the guys who are with you every day. You will see that you will be surprised.






#4. Always appears where you are



The man in love knows where the maiden of his dreams is. He search for her and “casually” appears in the place where she usually is, pretending to be unknown about the fact that she is there!

If you always meet a friend that casually goes to the same place as you, or he tries to look for you to be close to you, open your eyes, he may be in love with you and does not know how to express it with his words.





#5. He becomes Emotionally Fragile



Love tends to rip us open involuntarily to a new level of vulnerability. It can be unsettling experience for men, primarily because men don’t typically have the same emotional capacity.

And what that means is that when he’s with you, there’s a certain level of fragility to him. He may become jealous or get triggered easily when someone else comes to talk to you, he may become kind of progressive.




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