Do you still believe shaving can help promote your hair growth? It’s time to analyse such hair myths & get over them!

Below are 6 most wanted hair beliefs, go through & find whether your beliefs are facts or just myths!





#1. Stress is related to hair loss



When we stress, our body releases stress hormones, this stress hormones may impact the activity of hair growth cells, but there’s no clear link between stress and baldness.
There are evidences that local release of stress hormones disturbs melanocytes (cells which promotes hair growth). But it can not harm your melonocytes cell power to promote hair growth!

But ya it can definitely promote the process of making hair grey!

The thing occur is when stress hormone is released it generates a swarm of free radicals in her hair follicles, they travel along the hair shafts, destroying pigment and creating a bleaching effect which fastens your hair greying process.



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#2. Shaving can grow your hair faster



If it had been true, you probably can’t see anyone sporting that half bald hairstyle around!

As we discussed earlier, the cells which promotes hair growth are beneath the skin. Hair follicles are not affected by shaving by any means. You are just dealing with the outer part of your hair that is already dead!

The follicles below that determine thickness, color, growth rate remains absolutely unaffected.

So no matter how many time you shave your head, hair will always come out with same pace & thickness.




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#3. Sporting a tight hairstyle can cause baldness




Here comes the big one, I hear this from everyone, even my friends!

Look, pulling your hair back into a bun, ponytail, or any other style which offers your hair go back is not pulling on the hair follicles, it’s perfectly fine.
If the hair is put up loosely you can put it up every day. The problem arises when you carry a hairstyle for too long & too tight. So tight that you can feel the stress.

If you want your lovely hair to stay long with you keep changing your style from time to time say monthly. Doing the same style over & over can lead to hair fall from the side you put your hair away. Also, don’t go for anything tight!




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#4. Sun is the best way to lighten Color of hair



Earlier scientists say, exposure to UV rays can oxidize the Color pigment of our hair shafts to give it a lighter shade.

This may look like a great idea to lighten your hair color but it’s not! The ‘Sun-treated Hair’ is not actually a good one.

Sure it will make your hair color go lighter but will also introduce you to split ends, dryness & many other irreversible damage.

And I don’t think you want a lighter shade in exchange of causing harm to your awesome hair. So what to do if we want to lighten our hair naturally?

The best you can do is to for natural henna! It will give your hair the desired Color, also it’s natural so will not leave any harm rather will nourish your hair.





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#5. Black hair is stronger than blonde




Brunettes makes a 90% in human population & blondes are just about 2-4%. And due to its rarity it is considered as the most attractive shade.

But are black hair more stronger than blonde? I wish it to be true because I got black hair but it’s absolutely false!

Blonde hair have more density than brunette because they are thin. Brunettes have thicker hair strands than of blondes. But this doesn’t mean that darker hair is stronger.

Except the shade, all the properties of human hair are mostly same. So there’s no truth behind the myth, blonde hair sheds early!



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#6. Men inherit baldness from their mother’s side of family




Let’s learn a bit of genetics…
Females carry the XX set of chromosomes. Males carry the XY set. If you are a male, you received your Y chromosome from your father and the X chromosome from your mother.

The reason for early baldness is ue to reccesive X chromosome & since you get that from your mother, it is believed that baldness is related to mother!

But the medical science clear myth saying,there are several different genes on different chromosomes whose expressions contribute collectively to the condition of thinning and baldness.

So ya, your mother’s side of family has nothing to do with your hair fall!





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