It can be a nightmare for many of us going on the stage or speaking in front of a group of people. Do your heartbeat gets boomed & breathe climbs when you talk in crowd too?

I too have been through it but after knowing some tricks to deal with public speaking i was able to overcome it. And i think if i can than anybody can!

We all want to be fearless public speakers but then we feel petrified in front of people. But the fear will be no more if you apply these 6 tricks listed below in your routine. They are extremely effective & you’ll start seeing results within weeks.

Okay, here are the tricks:





#1. If you feel you’re weak at speaking a language, ensure you practice it more


The first step to get over your public speaking fear is to get the language right! If you’re dealing with a new language, give it the time it needs. There should not be a single flaw left so that when you get into crowd, you end up impressing them with your great language skills.

If you find difficulties speaking tough words first practice it alone, you can also relate the word with something. This will help you learn it quicker.

And with that perfect language skill, you’re half way there to impress the audience & overcoming your public speaking fear.



#2. Always rehearse in front of mirror


Do your heartbeat gets boomed when you meet a crowd or get on the stage? That means you have low self-confidence & self-esteem. And to deal with it, i have a great hack for you.

It’s the mirror! It will be your best trainer in improving your public speaking skills. Observe every single bit of of yourself while you deliver that speech in front of the mirror. And if you found any flaws, work on them till you’re perfect at your best!

You’ll be amazed by the end results you’ll get after practicing it for a while. It gives you that self confidence you need when you’re in front of 100’s of people as you now know all your flaws & resolved them.


#3. Ask your friends to rehearse with you


No matter how bad the situations are, a true friend is always there to help you out. So, if you have some of them who you think will help you out, don’t hesitate to ask for!

They will tell you every mistakes you’re doing & thus you’ll be able to correct it.  If you have a interview, tell them to ask you tough questions & act like audience, this will give you the genuine feel of public speaking.

The more you practice it, the more better your public speaking skill will become. And after some time you’ll be a master in it. There will be no stage or crowd fear left in you.


#4. Make sure you’re realistic about your fear


And by that i mean you should accept that you have the fear & start the work required to overcome it. The reason why i said to accept it because you can’t bring about any change in something unless it’s there. So, if you lie to self, you’ll never bring the change you want in your public speaking skills.

Learn from other peoples, notice how big personalities deal with it. There’s nothing you can’t achieve in your life, the only thing that decides whether you’ll have that change or not is how extremely you’re in need of it.




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#5. Connect with peoples

It really makes sense, there’s really a reason why big personalities or speakers while speaking connects with their audience! How can you think people will keep listening to you for hours silently, you have to interact with them so that they remain connected.

You may have noticed when you first meet someone, you both feel uncomfortable but as the conversation follows you both start opening up feeling more comfortable.

The same will happen when you connect with them. You will also get use to it & feel more comfortable. That’s the power of communication.




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#6. Dress like a professional


People will not listen to anything from a person who don’t seem dependable. Just keep yourself as a audience & imagine you’re listening a person with a weird hairstyle, wearing T-shirt & torned jeans.

Will you trust him? No! But if in the same situation a well dressed, clean looking men in 3 piece suit will speak, you’ll trust him because he looks dependable.

Trust me it creates a huge impact. So, don’t under-estimate it. Dress like a gentlemen because first impression is the last impression & once your audience gets your wrong image, you can’t correct it easily.





Public speaking is a art, it’s not that you’ll become perfectly confident within a day! It takes time, the more experience you gain in it, the more fluent & confidently you’ll be able to speak publicly.

Remember: “There No Shyness In Body, It’s Only In Your Mind”


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